iPhone Disabled -- How To Unlock Thru iTunes and PC/Laptop (Part 1)

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keep it simple phone tuck here with an

installment the how-to series and we're

going to talk about how to get your

phone undeceived

disclaimer before we begin this video

please keep in mind that you're going to

hear me say this over and over again in

the video also but if you do not have a

backup through either iCloud which

iCloud if you're not familiar with that

requires a Wi-Fi connection you can

backup your phone through iCloud in your

phone settings so if you don't have a if

you don't have a backup through iCloud

and you would know if you would have

done it because you would have set it up

to make sure that it would be backed up

for you automatically or if you've never

connected to your phone to iTunes before

and have done and iTunes backup because

that's an alternative Apple has two ways

you can back your phone up I mean it's

it's awesome the way that they have it

set up but you have to make the effort

to do it

iTunes is the other method you connect

your phone to iTunes you're signing the

iTunes with your Apple ID you go through

the prompts of actually backing your

phone up so some people prefer to do it