How To: Hard Reset Disabled iPhone 8

hi guys today I'm going to show you how

to restore your iPhone a let's go

iPhone is disabled as you can see I need

to put this in recovery mode so to do

that where you need to use the side

button and the volume up volume down so

I'll show you the combination we no

longer use the home button just like the

iPhone 7 we don't use the same the home

button to the side button and volume

down so with this combination with the

iPhone 8 and iPhone X is same so it's do

it first where you need to use volume

button up volume button down then just

hold hold the side button and make sure

your cables plugged into your laptop as

you can see my toon is running at the

back so just keep holding it until it

comes on just keep holding it all the

way just hold it then is going to go to

the recovery mode

there you go and as you can see on the

laptop it detects it says there's a

problem the problem with the iPhone the

iPhone that requires to be updated or

restored for this case I wanna restore

but when you're restoring it's going to

go to factory reset so make sure you

backed up you all your data all your

media and other data will be erased so

make sure you packed everything up first

so this is a new phone so it's okay will

not restore it as you can see it's gone

restore I was 13 the latest version as

you can see guys is installing the

software on the phone make sure just

don't take the cable out the USB cable

as you see it's almost finish this line

is quick as the main softwares are


so on this line is going let's recap so

to put it in recovery mode where you

need to do is press the volume button up

volume down side button

just hold it all the way till you see

the upper logo keep holding it keep

holding all the way until you get the

recovery mode and then you can restore

it but make sure when you want to

restore it guys you need to update you

need to backup everything because gonna

do a factory reset so there you go guys

as you can see the phone finish

everything is restored the original

manufactory reset something now we need

to do is just put activation code the

Apple ID and the password that's it and

just connect it at this stage you don't

need to connect your cable you can just

do everything from the phone so you need

to connect your Wi-Fi and then from

there you can just activate it otherwise

as you can see the same thing where I

have a lock on my laptop you have on the

phone connectivity through the phone so

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so let's just recap to do iPhone 8 and

iPhone X and onwards a 10 or delays from

above 8 and 8 on to do the activation

where you need to use volume button up

volume down and the side button just

keep holding the side button until

ceiling till the phone goes off then

restarts again just keep holdin until

you see the recovery mode and from then

you can restore it

so once again thank you