iPhone 7 and 7 plus Disabled easy fix

hello friends today we have here this

iPhone 7 and it's disabled so to solve

this issue I will have to restore this

phone to the manufacturers settings

which means delete everything on the


delete the password irate everything ok

so to do that we will need to connect

this one to the iTunes and do the

restore but you need to be aware of one

thing if this phone or your iPhone has

an Apple ID or what which is called also

the iCloud if you have it on this phone

you're like you're not gonna be able to

bypass to the to the main screen or to

the home screen because it will ask you

in some steps to put the Apple ID and

the password if you don't have them

you're stuck there and you're not going

to be able to use the phone at all until

you have the right Apple ID and the

right password for it alright guys so

and we'd go to do me to show you the

method alright so now we are here in the

computer so as you see here we need to

have the items I'm just gonna open it

it's right here so I will open the

iTunes if you don't have it you can

download it from apple the Apple dot-com

and so once you have the iTunes open

here you need the USB cable this one

plug the phone to the USB cable and plug

the other in end to the computer

okay once the phone like is plugged to

the computer wait for it until the

drivers installed here it's gonna show

you small bugs in this area and once you

have the driver installed you just need

to push this button here you have this

the volume down button and the power

button you push both of them at the same

time you push the volume down first and

you press the you press the volume the

power button and you keep holding both

buttons for like almost 20 seconds and

once you see the iTunes logo here that's

what we are looking for so even keep

holding even you see the upper like this

alright so once you see this one release

release everything and once you release

everything once you release everything

these windows here gonna pop up so once

you see these windows here if you don't

remember the password you have no other

choice just restore the phone so I click

on restore and here restore and update

okay so here I'm gonna hit next and the

phone is still on the itunes logo here

and they hit agree and now one small

thing gonna pop up here you see the

circle here which is moving in the

corner and we get close to it this one

you see it's moving that one it tells me

that the computer is downloading the

thermal so I'm going to click on this

one and see what you're gonna tell me


all right as you see here iPhone

software update and it's it's gonna take

like two hours these two hours is not

true it may like this is just an

estimate so it may be less than that so

I will wait until these two hours finish

differently is not gonna be two hours

but once it's finished I will I will put

the phone into the DFU mode by pushing

because now if it takes too long it will

get out from this day if you want okay

and once it gets out from this DFU mode

and this won't finish I need to put the

phone back to the DFU mode to the same

thing right so I will just push the

power the volume down button and the

power button keep holding them until I

see this logo and after that I can redo

these steps okay but after this finish

all right so I will come back after this

download finish so as you see here it's

45 seconds 43 second it's almost


before it's finished I will put this one

in the DFU mode as I told you in the

beginning in the beginning because after

a long time to download the firmware

it's stuck it goes back to the normal

thing you know so now I will just push

the volume down and power button and

keep holding it for like 20 seconds

if you see here I have six second three

second two one and now it will start

restoring okay now it's in DFU mode and

as you see here it should supposed so

I'm gonna put this on the side and as

you see here it's supposed to start now

it's processing five finish processing

so now here as you see update restore so

I'm just gonna hit update restore

restore and update and because this one

is still processing here it's still

processing so you're just gonna wait a

little bit maybe like one minute all

right so it start extracting the

software here now so now what we what we

gonna do we're not gonna do anything

which is gonna wait until it finish so

as you see I leave the phone here and

the phone here and it's restoring I mean

it's extracting the software that will

go from step to another step like four

steps and the phone and I like gonna

restart like a couple times it will

finish my tips so you don't have to do

anything once you once it starts with

equality extraction that's it that's all

so what I'm gonna do now I will just

like pause this video and wait until it


as you see it finishes its right extract

in the software now it's waiting for the

iPhone to respond and the iPhone it

shows this is an iPhone we refine the

iPhone restore I'm not doing anything

just it's working by itself by the way

don't interrupt this process until it


okay its finishes No

leave wala so now as you see here it

asked me to put the Apple ID and the

password actually this one is for

customer so he said he already know the

password the Apple ID and the password

and once we put the Apple ID and

password we can activate this one and go

to the next step I mean go to the home

screen so you just need to select the

language for is an English United States

set up manually mm-hmm so connected to

the Wi-Fi

so I put the password join and it may

take few minutes anyway so after this

step it will ask me to put the Apple ID

and the password so you can do it over

the phone or you can edit here on the

computer as you see it's asking for the

Apple ID and password

alright so it's a it's done that's all

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