How to Unlock Disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod without Passcode (NO DATA LOSS) FIX iPhone is Disabled

hello friends how are you welcome to iOS

pro hacker so have you forgot your

iPhone basket or your iPhone is disabled

so in this video I have created a full

step two step guide to unlock your

iPhone so let's get started to the

tutorial so before the tutorial let me

tell you that if your iPhone is stuck on

disabled screen so why it happens

actually it happens because of entering

wrong tasker's to our iPhone whenever

you try to unlock your iPhone and enter

wrong pass codes to it five times so

your iPhone will gonna stuck on this

able screen for a limited time so after

that you cannot enter more pass codes to

your iPhone so anyways if you have

forgot your iPhone pass codes or you

have an iPhone which is right now stuck

on this disabled screen so this video is

for you in this whole video I am gonna

show you how you can fix your iPhone and

one last thing I want to clear to you is

that if you forgot your iphone passcode

or your iPhone is stuck on disabled

screen so in this case you cannot get

your iPhones data back to your iDevice

yes guys it is not possible to get your

iPhones data back to your iDevice but

there are only two alternative ways to

get your data back to your iDevice first

is using iCloud backup and second is if

you have created an iTunes backup in

your computer so you can restore data

later from the iTunes so now let's get

started to the tutorial and fix our

iPhone so you must have a computer to

fix your iPhone because when an iPhone

is disabled it is not possible to fix it

with our computer so the first step is

to download install iTunes on your

computer just visit itunes.com to

download itunes in your computer so

install it in your computer I have

already installed it on my PC and the

you will also get the download link in

the description of this video now the

next step is to open iTunes and connect

our iPhone to the computer to fix it

make sure to use original lightning

Kable and let me tell you that when our

iPhone is unde is a baleen so the

computer not detects the iPhone so now

what we going to do next is to put our

iPhone iPad iPod whatever into the DfE

mode in order to detect our wife run to

the computer so it is very simple to put

our iPhone into the DfE mode and every

iPhone has a different method method to

put it into the DfE mode so for that

just open YouTube and search for it then

how to put iPhone X into the DFU mode

like I have iPhone 7 so I am gonna

search how to put iPhone 7 into the DfE

mode so you will find a lot of videos

here so just follow any of the video to

get your phone into the DfE mode it's

not difficult it's just a trick of

volume home and power buttons to put the

phone into the DfE mode so right now I

have an iPhone 7 so to put it into the

DfE mode I have to press and hold the

volume down and power button together

and when the screen goes black release

the power button and keep pressing the

volume down button to put the iPhone 7

into the DFU mode let's just try again

because it turns on again and I fail to

get into the DfE mode your iPhone screen

will remains blank if you successfully

put your iPhone into the DFU mode and

the computer will detect your mobile

phone and just wait for it so iTunes

will detect it and as you can see so in

iTunes you will see the restore button

but if you press the restore button into

the ideas so items will gonna download a

huge flavor file and ideas is very slow

to download it so we are going to

download the freeware file of an iPhone

manually because for whatever reason I

use is very slow to download the file

let's download it manually just open

your browser and visit IP as W dot mean

you will find the link also in the

description of this video and now come

into the identify my iOS device so now

select your device which device you have

so right now I have an iPhone so I'm

gonna select

and here we have to put our model number

so you will find the model number on the

back of your iPhone you can see this

little number so you have to put it so

after that after putting the model

number let me just correct it so after

putting the model number this website

will gonna detect our iPhone so just

simply press the download button at the

bottom and it will start download the

file and it is about 3 4 GB file so it

takes time and depends on your internet

speed so I'm gonna cancel the download

because I have already downloaded the

file into my computer and after that

download you will find the file into the

Downloads folder so just simply copy the

file from there onto the desktop so like

I did here is the file you can see I

have already copied it into the desktop

ok right so next what we are going to do

is to press the restore button into the

iTunes well keep pressing the shift key

on our keyboard if you have a Mac so you

need to press and hold option key and

just press the restore button and it now

selected the file we have downloaded you

will find it in to your downloads folder

if you haven't copied it to the desktop

I already copied it to the desktop so

I'm gonna open this up from here and now

just simply press the restore button but

before that let me just tell you one

more thing that if you don't want to use

iTunes so you can also use 3d tools to

restore your iPhone how you can use it

it is very simple I just come into the

flash and JB and you will gonna import

you will see the import button here now

just select the downloaded file and

press the flash button to start the

restoring process but I'm gonna use

iTunes I'm not gonna use 3d tools

because iTunes works fine for me so

let's get back to the iTunes and select

the file again to start restoring

process just like that

and you can also use three tools if you

don't want to use iTunes or iTunes is

giving any kind of errors so you can

always use through your tools it works

fine it's totally free so now we are

done and iTunes has started to restore

our iPhone it will take about seven to

ten minutes to complete the restore

process and I am skipping the video and

fast-forwarding the video to make the

video short

if ideas is giving any kind of error so

please make sure to update your iPhone

to the sorry iTunes to the latest

version and make sure to use original

data lightning cable to get it work

don't use cheap chinese cables otherwise

it means take on white Apple logo so

after that you will have to start all

over again and restore your iPhone again

so guys if you see this pop up message

and items it means that your iPhone has

successfully restarted now you can also

disconnect your iPhone from the computer

but I do not recommend you to disconnect

your iPhone because sometimes our iPhone

battery is low so that iPhone will gonna

shut down and will stuck on the Apple

logo anyways now we have to wait until

it completes and again let me clear to

you that it is not possible to get your

iPhones data back to your iDevice if it

is stuck on disable screen and the way

you can get the data is only by

restoring iPhone from iCloud backup or

if we have created iTunes backup on your

computer unfortunately so I'm going to

skip the video now because I don't want

to make a long video so after it

completes you see the hello screen so

now you have to set up your iPhone

select language country Wi-Fi and all

that and if if the Find My iPhone was

enabled on this iPhone on your iPhone so

it may ask you for your Apple ID and

password to unlock your eyes

and make sure don't be too fast because

in the next step our iPhone will ask us

about apps and data so now here you can

choose an option from where you want to

restore your iPhones data so you can

restore from iCloud or iTunes backup and

I have created an iCloud backup so I'm

going to choose the first option so

after that it will ask us for our Apple

ID and my iPhone we'll gonna download

all the files from the iCloud backup

such as photos videos contacts call logs

messages and all the data of the

applications like whatsapp and all the

other applications so it may take few

minutes to complete because it is

downloading all the files from the

iCloud backup so it depends on your

internet speed

so then the iPhone has downloaded all

the files from the backup of iCloud and

now it will gonna restart and restore

all the files into my iPhone it may take

time and you can see my data is back

it's my all the wallpaper and you can

see all the applications are downloading

automatically and in the photos yes it

will gonna update it may take time

because it is downloading photos from

iCloud backup right now so you stay

connected on internet and all the

applications contacts call logs

everything will be on your phone so

thank you so much for watching the video

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