How to Unlock iPhone 6 Disabled without iTunes(2020 New Ways- no passscode)



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in today's video i'll walk you through

how to unlock an iphone 6 without the


if you input the wrong password six

times in a row

you'll see the iphone is disabled try a

few minutes later screen

if you keep entering the incorrect

passcode too many times

you'll end up in the iphone is disabled

connect to itunes screen which won't

allow you to try the passcode anymore

okay enough talking let's start

unlocking it with the tool today

first install 4uki on your computer

i put the link for you in the

description below

next go to unlock lock screen passcode


then hit start

now connect your iphone to the computer

then follow the instructions to put it

into recovery mode

for iphone 6 is press and hold both the

power and home button till you see the

connect to itunes screen

then you'll be in recovery mode and 4uki

will detect your phone instantly

in this step it'll match the latest ios

firmware for the device

you can customize the download location

to anywhere on your computer

just make sure there's more than 10g

space left

after all this is set up click the

download button

once downloaded go ahead hit the start

unlock button

now it's removing the passcode and

there's a progress bar reflecting the

entire process

you can monitor what's happening on the

device just make sure to keep it connect

all the way



okay now it says the passcode has been

removed successfully

just wait for the phone to boot up when

the hello screen appears

go on to set the device up you can


all the passcodes in the way towards the

home screen


well done now you got the access back to

the device

congratulations for yuki is a paid


here are all the plans for you good for

personal or commercial use

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