How to remove/reset any disabled or Password locked iPhones 6S & 6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s/4/iPad or iPod

hello there Carlos here and this video

I'll be looking at how to remove any

pass codes or disable screens from a

Apple device now this can be used on any

iteration or version of the device from

the iPhones to the iPads to the iPods

and it doesn't matter which generation

or model you have it can be the 2g all

the way up to the 6s now just an example

the screens that may be presented to you

password that you don't know or maybe a

disabled screen which could say

permanently disabled connect to itunes

or maybe 22 million minutes in some case

when the battery becomes fully depleted

or in this instance I've got 50 odd

minutes now what you want to do is you

need to turn off the device in question

paradigm you need to have a PC or Mac

with iTunes installed and you need to

have your USB cable 30 pin or lightning

and that has to be connected to the USB

port on your computer now you're going

to grab your lightning cable in this

case you're going to hold down the home

button and keep it held and then insert

the cable which is connected to the

computer keep holding the home button

before and during the insertion of the

cable keep holding now and you'll be

presented with the restore screen in

this case this graphic is for iOS 9 so

it's a bit multi-coloured this iteration

now you may have a red icon which is iOS

8 or you may have a blue which is iOS 7

and older it doesn't matter which one

you're presented with

they're all the same and this process

works on all of them regardless now if

you pop over to your computer you should

see window pop-up now if not open up

iTunes and you'll be presented with the

option to restore or update now you want

to restore the device if you update then

it won't remove the passcodes will

simply update the version of the

software that you have and when

restoring the device you're going to

delete all of the data on the device and

that includes the passcode just confirm

your option restore an update

which will delete all your data and take

you to the latest version of the

software now here I've just got a dual

screened so that you can see the process

on the phone and also in the iTunes box

so what will happen is a bar will come

across in iTunes showing you the

progress of the restore process and then

we'll also show on the phone and now all

you need to do is wait roughly three to

five minutes it does depend on the

device you have the the faster the speed

of the CPU the faster this process can

be you may need to download the latest

iOS version when you do this and it can

take quite a while depending on server

speeds and the size of the file itself

so you just need to hold out and

download that and then come back and

start this process now once the restore

completes at the loading bar we'll get

to the end you need to allow it to get

to the end before you unplug but once it

gets to the end of loading barn you

presented with the hello welcome screen

then you can go ahead and unplug your

device you will need a connection to the

Internet for the next step and you'll

need a compatible SIM card also if you

have a GSM device which needs a SIM card

in this case will be iPhone so we do

need two sim in there and just go ahead

with the steps and you can go ahead and

put in all your different settings such

as your Apple ID and all your backups

and things in this case I'm just going

through it quickly to show you as an


like I said choose whatever it is that

you like set up your phone how you like


now the device is completely wiped and

so you're just going through the setup

menus here and since it is wiped you'll

find that it has no pass codes on which

is what we all wanted in the first place

and there you are no data no pass codes

it's a fresh device

and that's about it thank you so much

for watching and if you did find the

video helpful I would really appreciate

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appreciated by me thank you so much and

I'll see you soon