hi guys today I'm going to show you how

to bring on disabled iform to the pass

to the password screen so like this

iPhone is disabled and I'll show you

also bring it back to the password

screen without using your data so let's

go on the computer and I will show you

how to do that what we're gonna do is

we're gonna download

WiiU tools and we cannot download the

software flash the phones so we can

bring it back and bring it up the

password screen so the owner of the

phone can try to put the password it's

your time again so if they really don't

remember it are you gonna do we're gonna

bring it for this easy



how would he ever on the computer but

not gonna let it download now we're

gonna open the second put the I would

about pulling out let's do it and make

sure you connect it to the computer

well that may fall it until you see



we cannot download much here

how many the spin gonna be like this

flash and you're gonna download it so

like her the software the video and then

when it changes now as the software is

finished download what we're gonna do

put the iPhone on week off with on

recovery mode again just press the

where's the power button and volume down

holy together until you but you go to

dust that screen right there and then

what we're gonna do we plot the fun to

the computer and we gonna go back to

device click go flash flash next thing

we're gonna do gonna make sure you click

every 10 users data right down please

click that I mean that Mickey when you

click that will save every files on your

phone and get you back on us install the

software then you will see it we see

let's be 200%

it's I'm gonna you're still gonna see it

easy if you want power in after one hour

or 30 or 45 minutes video