How to Enable an iPhone When Disabled Without iTunes : Help With iTunes

hey what's going on guys my name is joey

biagas and i'm a digital media expert

and today i'm going to show you how to

enable your iphone

in case it becomes disabled without


itunes okay so this means basically

sometimes your phone gets kind of locked

up and then you're not able to use it

so we need to reboot it so this is what

we're going to do is we're going to

reboot it

so what you need to do is hold down the

uh only button that's on the well

shouldn't say the only button but

um the circle button at the bottom which

is the home button

on your iphone and then the top button

right here which is the power button

okay you want to press and hold both of

them at the same time

okay press and hold until

the phone goes off basically

and then you'll get that little uh icon

the apple icon

which indicates that you are starting to

reboot to your phone

and this will take a few moments

and voila once it appears again that

means we basically we've rebooted the


very similar to rebooting a computer and

now we can

slide to unlock and be able to use our

phone again with a fresh

start so there you guys go that's how to


an iphone in case it's disabled without

even using itunes

and if you do have any other questions

please let us know but thank you for