iPhone 3/3GS Disabled Problem

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okay so I have this iPhone and um I was

trying to unlock it um see if it'll even

come on

there goes um it's in it's disabled and

like I've tried to try to fix it like

I've tried to put it into DFU mode and

it will simply just not go into DFU mode

at all so um like it won't even turn off

like I try to turn it off it won't even

turn off I've held down this button and

see if it will come up so I can turn it

off it just cuts off like it's probably

about to any second now

there goes now just hit the button again

and it will not go into a way I can turn

off I've also tried to put it into um

DFU mode while holding this for three

seconds and then holding down this for

10 seconds and then let go of that and

holding this for 15 seconds um that also

failed um I also tried to do a V from

what I heard off of the video tried to

hold hold the up volume up button in the

home button at the same time and see if

that was get rid of the 22 like I think

it says like 40 42 years or 49 years

something like that for um this is

supposed to last I'm not too sure on the

UM on that all that much but I've tried

everything in my power to fix this