[iPad Only] Forgot Your iPad Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!

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how's it going everybody I'm Daniel

you're watching then about tech it

should be decided to make a video on how

to remove a forgotten passcode

specifically for iPads this video is I

bet exclusive ok if have an iPhone I'm

gonna have a link in the description so

you guys can check it out the

interesting thing is in this video I'm

gonna show you guys how to remove your

passcode of every single iPad model

running any iOS version if you have an

iPad and if you have a problem with the

passcode this video is gonna cover it

and the cool thing is that it's just one

method for every single iPad so don't

worry about that it's very easy and I'm

just gonna show you guys so let's go

ahead and get started so let's say you

forgot your passcode your iPad is

disabled there's no way you can access

it you just can't remember the passcode

I'm just gonna show you guys how to

remove this annoying thing and gain

access to your iPad again so as I

mentioned this method works with any

iPad available this is an iPad 2 this is

an iPad air this is an iPad 1 it even

works with iPad pros iPad minis anything

okay the only iPad it doesn't work is