Unlock Disabled iPad Easily 2021 Fixed | without iTunes

Welcome to Tenorshare channel, have  you ever met forgot your passcode  

and attempt to get disabled iPad  by wrong password multiple times.  

Today we are going to show you some methods  on how to unlock iPad without iTunes.

Method 1. Unlock disabled iPad using iCloud In this way, you need to have a computer and  

all data will be removed in your iPad. Go to  www.icloud.com/find, login your iCloud account. 

Click on All Devices, then choose iPad,  

Erase iPad. Then your iPad will be reset  back to factory settings. When it done,  

the iPad becomes fresh as new and you can set  up again. If you have problem in using iCloud. 

You can try Method 2. Unlock  disabled iPad using Tenorshare 4uKey. 

Connect your iPad with USB cable.  

Download and install 4uKey. Then choose  unlock lock screen passcode and tap start.  

It reminds you need to get device  in recovery mode. For iPad,  

press home button and power button at the same  time. Wait until the recovery mode comes out.  

Once recognize, download firmware  and it will take a few minutes.  

When it done, tap start unlock. It will  take about ten minutes to reset your device.  

When it completed, you can set up  your iPad just like a brand new.  

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