ALL iPADS FIXED: "iPad is disabled connect to iTunes”

hey what is going on guys so you have a

iPad doesn't matter what model iPad what

year you have what iOS you have on there

if it says this right here

iPad is disabled to connect to itunes

I'm gonna help you guys get out of this

right now alright so the first thing is

what we're gonna have to do is hook the

iPad up to iTunes on a computer doesn't

matter if using a MacBook or a Windows

computer the thing is you have a Windows

computer you need to download iTunes if

you're using a Mac then obviously you

already have iTunes pre-loaded on there

well you can also do two if you have a

Windows computer and you don't want to

download the iTunes and go through the

setup and all that just use somebody

else's computer anybody else's computer

that has iTunes just go ahead and get

the computer and hook your iPad up to it

now this is a very very simple process I

do hope that we incur some errors just

in case and I can tell you how to fix

those issues as well but basically what

we're going to do is a factory reset so

guys remember everything that you have

on your iPad is going to be long gone as

if you just bought a brand new your

photos your videos your documents all

your email passwords that are saved

Wi-Fi passwords it's all going to be

gone so hopefully you have a backup on

iCloud or iTunes anyways this iPad here

is my dad said he just sent it to me

from Florida and of course he has no

backup he just wants to get it back up

and running so that he can use it and

his says disabled right here and the

reason why you know you usually get this

is because you know you put the wrong

password in under 15 minutes and after

thirty minutes and after an hour like

multiple times and then finally you'll

go ahead and get this message here now

my dad says that he put the right

password in every single time it just

wouldn't read it but whatever we're

going to get its iPad up and running

right now so first thing is we're gonna

go ahead and hook up the iPad get your

regular lightning charging cable we're

going to plug that in there again it

doesn't matter what model iPad you have

the only thing is as long as it has like

a physical home button right here so I'm

gonna plug one end to there and I'm

gonna plug the USB part into the

computer okay so I just shut the lights

off in here and I want you to be able to

see like my screen and my iPad so you

see exactly what it's doing so I'm gonna

go ahead and push my USB cord into my

computer right now we're gonna see what


iPad as disabled connect to itunes okay

so the next thing to do is go ahead and

grab your iPad here and you want to

press and hold two buttons

simultaneously at the same time you want

to press and hold it's going to be the

home button here and the power button up

here both buttons you want to press and

hold and don't let go until I say so

okay so ready 1 2 3

press and hold I'm gonna continue to

hold do not let go keep holding it keep

holding it we're gonna see an Apple logo

pop up here soon I'm still holding it

both buttons here I'm not gonna let go

okay I'm still holding onto it do not

take your fingers off those buttons ok

now once you see this part here on the

screen you can go ahead and let go it

you have the iTunes icon right there now

I'm going to put this down here and now

all the sudden this popped up here on my

computer screen and it says there's a

problem with the iPad iPad that requires

to be updated or restored ok no problem

so what we want to do from here is make

sure you click on restore do not click

on update so go ahead and click on

restore and now it's going to give us

another window here are you sure you

want to restore the iPad to factory

settings you will basically lose

everything on this iPad okay so then

click on restore an update right there

and let me show you both screens here as


okay so it is rebooting my iPad right

now or my dad's iPad ok you see a status

bar here now this may take a while it

may take 10 minutes it may take 30

minutes ok so we're finally starting to

move a little bit on the status bar

there not a thing is if you guys didn't

get to this because you got some error

or if your iPad didn't boot or nothing

like that what you guys can do is unplug

the iPad do everything over also it

could be a possibility that there is

something wrong with your cable I had

this issue many many times this would

charge my iPad but once I try to fix a

disabled iPad use the one that's

defective even though it would charge it

it wouldn't work until I got another

Lightning charging cord another thing

that you can also do if you're

experiencing any kind of like errors or

issues of stuff like that is go ahead


plug your iPad and then what you got to

do is make sure it's unplugged

then those two buds that we were holding

the home button and power button just go

ahead and press and hold those buttons

hold it down don't let go and wait till

you see the Apple logo and then let go

and then from there go ahead and

reconnect your iPad to your computer and

start the process over again also

another thing that you might want to try

if you're having experiencing issues or

errors is go ahead and change the USB

port on your computer okay so this

message here just popped up my iPad went

blank here and it says here your iPad

has been restored to factory settings

and is restarting so you can see it

restarting right now and you can see

another status bar here starting to work

its way up again oh come on it's been

like sitting there forever I have to go

to lunch I just heard my iPad beep and

voila guys we are in business now from

here it's basically like you just buying

the iPad brand new here let me go ahead

and unplug this and let me go ahead and

just show you here this is the startup

screen that you get here let me press on

the home button and there you guys go so

here's the very beginning stages here I

can basically just go ahead and send the

this iPad back to my dad just like this

so you guys should be up and running if

you guys have any questions or any

issues or errors just comment below I've

gone through I've had every kind of

issue known to man with these iPads but

again I've done this like so many times

on many many iPads even my iPads where

my kid actually kept putting in the

wrong password so anyways I hope to help

you guys out guys give me a like Fidesz

subscribe and I will see you on the next

one see you guys bye