Erase passcode on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iCloud

hi guys and welcome to one two three my

eyeteeth video on how to remove your iOS

passcode with iCloud okay guys so you've

forgotten your passcode for your iOS

device so that could be your iPad your

iPod or your iPhone and you're not able

to get in but you have actually set up

Find My iPhone on your iPad before

you've forgotten your passcode so we can

actually use that account online to

really raise the device and get rid of

this passcode interface which will allow

you to log back into the iPad this is

the second part to a video that I

already did previously and I'll put a

link in the description below for the

first part and this video will show you

how to erase your device with iCloud to

get rid of the passcode however the

other video that I did previously will

show you how to erase the device and get

rid of the passcode with your iTunes if

you sync to iTunes so if you sync to

iTunes follow the other video if you've

set up Find My iPhone on this iOS device

then you can follow this video okay guys

so as I mentioned before this video is

for people that have backed up their

device with their iCloud account so I'm

going to just hit start using iCloud

account here and then hit continue so

these are the steps that you would have

done before you've forgotten your

passcode right now I'm just connecting

this iPad to my iCloud account and then

I'll be able to go through and show you

how we can erase it and erase the

passcode from there okay you can see

there that signing into my iCloud


okay so you can see here I've got a

whole bunch of other devices on here

that I've had previously and these are

all on my cat iCloud account and you can

see this iPad uses iPad iPad air 2 is

this one here which is actually on there

now okay so let's go ahead now and we'll

go back to the beginning so the whole

idea of this video is to show you how to

if you've forgotten this passcode but

you put your device on iCloud and you

want to erase the device and set it back

to factory default so it gets rid of

this passcode and these are the steps

that you'll follow to do that okay go

ahead over to icloud.com put in your

iCloud username and password and then

login to your iCloud account and go in

to find iPhone so you'll need to log in

with the same account details that you

had on your iOS device so your iPhone

your iPod or your iPad and up the top

click on all devices and then you can

see here that our users iPad is online

okay now we've got a few different

options here you can go play sound lost

mode or arrays iPad so to remove the

passcode from your iPad we actually need

to use this arrays iPad button look at

guys so now we're up to the part here

where we've forgotten our passcode and

we can't get back into the iOS device in

this case the iPad okay

what we've done is we've logged into our

iCloud account we can see it on the

computer there in the background and

we're just going to hit that erase

option okay it says on the computer

arrays this iPad all your content and

settings will be erased and erase iPad

cannot be located or tracked okay so

just bear that in mind when you go ahead

and you erase the device it can't be

located or tracked afterwards so this is

going to allow us to now remove this

passcode which we can no longer get on

to the iPad

let's hit arrays continue on that iCloud

password alright you'll need to answer

two questions before you can erase your

iPad so make sure that you remember what

they are first we've got

another option there it says enter a

phone number where you can be reached so

it will be shown on this iPad after it

has been erased you can go ahead and do

that I don't need it at this stage

because I know the iPad is right here

and it says this message will be shown

so you can always put in an optional

message I'm not bothered with that I'm

just going to hit done and let's see

what happens here now here we go and the

iPad is now being erased so what it

actually should do now is just you to

raise that iPad and it should remove

that passcode and then you'll be able to

start using the iPad again so our iPad

looks to be a raised put in our language

and our country settings you can put it

on the Wi-Fi if you need to where you

can connect it to iTunes alright it will

go through and activate your iPad ok so

what it says now is this iPad was lost

in the raid into the Apple ID and

password that were used to set up this

iPad so you need to go through now and

put in your iCloud details here to

unlock the device

ok so we've put in that password then we

go disable location services and press

ok set up touch ID later continue

passcode we don't want to add a passcode

now because we want to try and remove

our passcode that we had before all

right we're going to hit setup as new

iPad we can put in our Apple ID and

restore stuff from iCloud if we want but

just for this video I'm going to just go

past it set up later in settings

don't use hit agree don't use Siri don't

share get started there you go so we've

now removed our pass code from our iPad

using our iCloud account ok guys so this

is the second part of this video there

will be another another video after this

which shows you how to remove your

passcode from your iOS device using

recovery mode and you will be able to

see the link in the description below

ok guys and that's pretty much it for me

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