How to solve the forgotten password for iPhone/iPad (Disabled mode)

hello this is a quick video to show you

how you can fix your iPhone or iPad when

it gets to the disable mode and it's

usually when you try the wrong password

multiple times on your iPad or iPhone

and then it will be disabled and you

cannot use it until you connect it back

to the to your computer to the iTunes so

here are the steps first we need to

connect our iPad 2 to the computer now

we press both the power button and the

home button and we keep holding them

like this until we see the the Apple

logo and then we release the the bout

button then we release the home button

when we see the iTunes logo it will take

a few minutes to load and now about to

get done after clothes then you can see

that the itunes will start automatically

on your computer now we can see itunes

has detected an iPad in archival mode

you must restored this iPad before it

can be used with iTunes ok and now we

click on restore and then check and now

this is really important all the

information on the iPad will be deleted

so you have to make sure that you have

either have a backup for this iPad or

you don't care if if everything will be

deleted you have nothing important that

this iPad I'll choose to proceed and

then it will start loading again so the

iTunes will download the new iOS for the

device a new operation system and we

have to wait for few minutes more and

then here we go all we have to do is to

proceed with the configuration steps to

start and start using our

I pad thanks for watching and see you in

another video