[iPad Only] Forgot Your iPad Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!

how's it going everybody I'm Daniel

you're watching then about tech it

should be decided to make a video on how

to remove a forgotten passcode

specifically for iPads this video is I

bet exclusive ok if have an iPhone I'm

gonna have a link in the description so

you guys can check it out the

interesting thing is in this video I'm

gonna show you guys how to remove your

passcode of every single iPad model

running any iOS version if you have an

iPad and if you have a problem with the

passcode this video is gonna cover it

and the cool thing is that it's just one

method for every single iPad so don't

worry about that it's very easy and I'm

just gonna show you guys so let's go

ahead and get started so let's say you

forgot your passcode your iPad is

disabled there's no way you can access

it you just can't remember the passcode

I'm just gonna show you guys how to

remove this annoying thing and gain

access to your iPad again so as I

mentioned this method works with any

iPad available this is an iPad 2 this is

an iPad air this is an iPad 1 it even

works with iPad pros iPad minis anything

okay the only iPad it doesn't work is

the newest just released iPad pro with

no home button okay I'll have a video on

that as soon as I get my hands on it but

if your iPad has a home button which is

pretty much all iPads available right

now so has a home button right here I

has a home button right here doesn't

matter if it's a normal home button or a

touch ID home button the one you put

your fingerprint to unlock it doesn't

matter has a home button this method

works and it's as I mentioned for pretty

much all iPads available right now so

your iPad is disabled now it's just back

I'm just gonna make it disabled again

okay put in a random passcode and now it

is able for five minutes okay that's

good so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna need a computer okay and a cable

that's pretty much what we are going to

need keep in mind that this process is

only if this is your iPad please don't

use it for stolen iPads

there's not a purpose of this video okay

one last very important thing before we

continue this process will erase all

your information on your iPad okay so

you will lose all data on your iPad

after this process is completed but you

can recover it from iTunes you can

recover from iCloud you can recover from

a backup so don't worry about that okay

you can recover from any backup either

iTunes or iCloud backup don't worry but

that's the only way to regain access to

your device is by erasing it okay so you

can only remove the passcode by erasing

it okay so keep in mind that so we have

our computer here as I mentioned you're

gonna need to open iTunes if you don't

have iTunes please go ahead and download

it it's free okay so just download

iTunes and open it up alright and as I

mention you need your cable so just put

your normal USB cable that comes with

your iPad okay plug it to your computer

and then plug it to your iPad I'm using

this old iPad jus just for convenience

reasons because as I mentioned I'm gonna

need to erase it okay so now that the

iPad is plugged in okay and the iPad is

disabled but don't worry if your iPad

isn't disabled you just forgot your

passcode don't worry just follow this

process it is exactly the same thing so

you're gonna need to hold the power

button right here and hold the home

button at the same time okay

so home and power at the same time keep

holding both of them keep in mind that

this process will work with any iPad

with running any iOS version so if you

have an iPad with the home button do

this process please it will work so I'm

still holding as you guys can see the

Apple logo just showed up and I'm still

holding the power button with my left

hand at the top and the power button

with my right hand at the bottom I'm

just gonna keep holding in as you guys

can see my iPad now is in restore mode


that's the restored mode screen and I'm

just gonna leave it to the side

and my computer everything is gonna

happen with the computer now and as you

guys can see there is a problem with

iPad iPad that requires it to be updated

or restored what we need to do is

restore okay don't hit update hit

restore so this process will update you

to the latest version and restore so

restore an update okay which means that

it will erase everything on this iPad

okay and then when we come back it'll be

as if it's brand new in our iTunes is

automatically downloading iOS nine point

three point five which is the latest

version for my old iPad tube so you can

just click here and you'll see iPad

software update it's gonna take three

minutes to finish depending on your

internet speed it may take a little bit

longer or a lot longer okay but please

be patient because we will need to

download this in order to finish up our

process of removing the passcode okay so

the iPad software update downloaded was

finished and now we are extracting the

software keep in mind that you don't

have to touch the iPad or anything like

that just let iTunes do its thing now we

are waiting for iPad and my iPad

automatically rebooted okay so now we

are waiting for iPad and we have this

progress bar right here okay I don't

know if you guys can see that because

it's very dim in his earth right here

but there's a progress bar right there

in we're just gonna wait for it to load

okay so now we've got the restore iPad

software message and in your iPad right

here we've got the Apple logo and the

status bar finally starting to move okay

so keep in mind that this process

sometimes takes one or two or three

times times to work okay maybe you've

got an error message here or on your

iPad but don't worry about it just

follow the process again do the same top

button and bottom button keep holding

them until you see their store screen

with the iTunes

the cable at the bottom okay so if it

takes one two three or four tight tries

don't worry it is normal now we're

almost were seeing with very fine knife

edge software very fine I can restore

and then you're almost done okay now

iTunes has automatically come back to my

normal music screen which means that the

process with iTunes has finished and now

we'll have another process right here

with our iPad and other status bar right

there and then you just have to be

patient and wait okay so this status bar

is almost done here please make sure to

try not to touch your devices throughout

the process okay your computer your iPad

no less is extremely necessary because

maybe your table is a little bit old or

something like that and maybe because of

this you will have problems okay so as

you guys can see my iPad is alive I'm

just gonna go ahead and set it up real

quick so you guys can see that

everything is back to normal

so right here I'm choosing my backup as

it as you can see so I don't lose

anything I just chose a backup for my

ten days ago so it's pretty updated is

all I need and now is restoring from

iCloud and that's the screen we all want

to see so welcome to iPad get started

and we're good to go so my iPad is right

here everything is back to normal with

all my apps yep so if this video saved

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