How to restore a disabled Instagram account in 2020

what's up guys alec here and in this

video i'm going to be showing you how I

got my accounts unbanned and when I say

accounts I got two accounts unbanned now

this is gonna be a bit of a story time

but I'm going to show you exactly what I

did and the emails that I got and

everything that happened basically so

the story first starts a couple of years

ago when I had just got a new username

on Instagram which was Hyp B this

account was brilliant I thought it

sounded like it look the username looked

like high beast basically and I was like

right I'm gonna start like a hight beast

page of fashion page on Instagram so I

started doing it and I started growing

it a lot and I had it for a few weeks

and it got banned now the reason it got

banned was I think I'm not sure there

are two reasons I was using follow like

a riot but the limits were so low I'm

struggling to see how it could happen

with follow like a but you never know

buggers follow like it is against the

Terms of Service and I was also getting

power likes pushed to that page which

were doing the page of wonders I just

want to say but this account got banned

and back then back in 2018 getting an

account back that was banned was really

really tricky or really really hard like

I tried back then Simon I was so gutted

like if I had this page now it would be

like two hundred thousand followers

I was so gutted back when I got banned

and the other day I was just going

through all of my old Instagram accounts

because I've got a spreadsheet with

hundreds and I just checked this

accounts Gmail and I don't know why I

never noticed but I actually got an

email back from them and I'm gonna show

you this email right now so I'm just

gonna go on to my computer and basically

I got this email as you can see the date

is the December the second 2018 and it

said thanks for contacting us before we

can help you we need to confirm that

Uranus account please reply to this

email and attach a photo of yourself

holding a hammer and copy of the code

below and there's the code then it just

says please make sure that the photo you

send includes the above code handwritten

on a clean sheet of paper followed by a

full name and username includes both the

hand that is holding the sheet of paper

and your entire face is well lit and not

too small dark or blurry and then is

attached to your reply as a JPEG file

now bear in mind even as the cameras

including the pictures of you you still

need to send a picture

yourself even if there's no pictures of

you basically so they sent that to me

and then a month ago so two years later

pretty much or a year and a half later

or a year and two months later for those

who want to be precise a year and two

months later I was like oh wow I can

maybe get his account back so this is

what I sent I'd send this picture of

myself let's see if I can zoom out yeah

I sent this picture and all right

miracles happen guys because if I go

back and reset this I go to the next tab

I got this email it's when did I send it

right I sent this on the 24th I wasn't

expecting aliens come from this on the

26th of February two days later I got

this email hi your account has been

reactivated and you should be able to

access it now sorry for any

inconvenience if you have any further

questions please visit Help Center my

mind was blown right because back then I

remember I got sent in a loop so many

times trying different things but it's

just I hadn't seen the actual email that

they had sent me so I now have this

account again and I just want to show

you before I show you the second account

and the scenario let me just scream

record on my phone this is what would

happen back when I was trend log into my

account here you can see right I know

for a fact this Instagram account is

banned so when I do login and this would

happen back when I lost my other account

when I click on login it says your

account has been disabled for violating

our Terms learn how you can maybe be

able to restore that account and I'm

pretty confident right that this message

wasn't here two years ago but this is

how you reactivate your account now and

I do want to mention though if you did

severely violate the Instagram Terms of

Service multiple times or whatever you

might not necessarily get it back but if

I'm pretty sure it's an accident this is

how you do it try a noggin you click on

learn more and then down here right you

go if you think it was a mistake please

let us know as you click on please let

us know once you've done that you got to

then at the bottom either say that your

account represents a business product or

a service or not so you click either be

yes or no depending what it was most

times gonna be personal you fill out all

these details and then you click send

right and then Instagram is going to get

back to you

it can take a while for them to get back

to you depending on how many requests

they're getting things like that but

like I said I never actually saw the

email now before I show you the second

scenario I just want to show you real

quick here's the accounts as you can see

if I scroll down if I make it back to

this one so this will again pose it and

I'm really good because the page was

about to take off so 35 comments as you

can see that I correlated to the post

1281 likes 250 of those were power

lights but you know we're doing really

well now let me show you the second

scenario so again I'm just going to go

quickly back to my computer I got an

email back this time and they said it

looks like you contacted us for help

with a different Instagram account to

make sure we're helping the right person

that only able to help you with one

account at a time now I'm not too sure

why this is but it could've been because

I contacted them recently about the Hyp

be account it says if you having trouble

with any other account please try and

log and blah blah blah so I basically

just replies this email I said this is

the message I'm getting for my account

at a CW which is my new username but it

wasn't yet moved over to my account if

you want to hear about that story as

well by the way please let me know in

the comment section below I think it'd

be pretty interesting story to share how

I got my new username but this is the

picture I sent so I literally took a

screenshot I said error no users found

this time I didn't know what to do so it

wasn't the same as what I've just shown

you on my phone so this time I didn't

know what to do so I come Andrew exactly

what I did I either I didn't need more

help and then somehow you still find the

Help Center on Instagram the same bit I

just showed you you can like let them

know that your accounts been hacked or

whatever so I think I went through that

I said this is the email that was used

but you can see apparently in my account

doesn't exist anymore please help so I

don't know why at my account got banned

or didn't exist anymore but I think it's

per visit it was there's multiple

reasons right

first of all it was a three letter

username and/or is a three letter

username so when it got banned I think

it was due to one people reporting it

because they wanted to have the account

themselves like you can mass report

accounts which is kind of scary too

because it wasn't yet moved on to my

actual personal account it could have

been that there wasn't enough or it was

deemed an active someone reported it an

active so they deleted it or three


it was a purchased account which is

against instagrams terms of services

you're not allowed to like buy and sell

accounts so Instagram if you're watching

this you didn't see anything so yeah I

sent that email and then I got this

reply it looks like your account has

been disabled we disabled accounts that

don't follow our Terms of Use actions

that are against our Terms include

continued prohibited behavior after

receiving a warning or multiple warnings

from Instagram which I didn't get

unsolicited contact with others for the

purpose of harassment advertising blah

blah blah no impersonation of an entity

or miss presentation identity no posting

content infringes I violate someone

else's right to know posting content

that violates our Terms of Use No so I

didn't infringe any of these I think it

was a mistake so or someone worth

supporting it so what I did is says if

you believe your account was deactivated

by mistake please fill in this form

request below so that is the form

request I went to and let's see what

happens if I click it now so yeah it's

basically again just this page and you

just got to fill it out so I filled this

out and I got this email and again thank

you for contacting us another code blah

blah blah and here is another photo of

me for my account let me just see if I

can zoom out again so there's another

photo of me different little paper but I

think it was well lit you could see it

everything anyway let me just reset this

and then yeah I got this email literally

so that was sent when so that was sent

March of third 8:49 a.m. and then as you

can see March 3rd bit more than 12 hours

later 11:30 p.m.

new account has been reactivated and you

should be able to access it now as sort

of the inconvenience so that is how you

pretty much get your Instagram account

back I'm not guaranteeing is going to

work for you but it's work with two of

my accounts and I'm pretty sure both

times it's been violating the terms of

service but I've been violating the

Terms of Service which is more of a

discrete way if you're posting like

really violent or bad contents your

Instagram page that's a different case

scenario also these accounts have never

had issues before because the account

through that username was moved to was a

complete the new fresh account created

on a brand new email I think that was

just someone reporting it inactive but


I have my accounts back and that is how

you can potentially reactivate yours

just go to the Instagram Help Center and

then fill in this little form say that

your account was deactivated you don't

know why and hopefully they get back to

as soon as possible so that is the video

and if you have any questions let me

know in the comment section down below

I'll try and help you guys out as much

as possible if you wanna hear a story

about how I got my three letter username

and where I got it from how much I paid

things like that I think that could be a

pretty interesting one let me know in

the comment section down below and again

guys as always thanks for watching don't

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