Apple ID Disabled? How to Fix!


are you sure about that



you have probably come to this video

because for some reason your Apple ID is

disabled well today I'm gonna be showing

you how to fix that hi my name is the

epic clash er and today I am going to be

showing you how to fix a disabled Apple

ID without changing the password without

making a new Apple ID and without all

that complicated crap so it is very

simple and all you have to do is first

go into Safari go to Google and go to

the tab and search get support on Apple

comm link will be in the description

below once you are here you will get

this screen scroll down to Apple ID and

click that and it was asking what is

happening with your Apple ID click

disabled Apple ID once you get here it

gives you some options one of them is

reset your password

another one is talk to Apple support

schedule call or a call Apple support

later the one you need to do is talk to

Apple support now so click on that and

right now it will tell you to put your

first name last name email address phone

number and your Apple ID but that is

optional now once you've done that Apple

will call you in two minutes or less and

what they're gonna do they're gonna ask

you for your Apple ID they don't need

your password and once they've got it

they're gonna be asking you to go to

this site called Apple Apple comm once

you've come here you sign in to your

Apple ID here once you've done that

they're gonna put you on hold for about

15 minutes


they get another person on to enable

your account once you've done that and

another person has has I started talking

to you tell them about how your app ID

is disabled and what when they will ask

you for a four digit PIN or like

something like that so if you go to the

bottom of the screen I can't really show

you I might get an image on screen

there's like at the bottom of the screen

there's like a security pin or create

generate a pin security can't pin

something like that and then once it

generates tell that code to the person

that you're talking with once you've

done that the employee will the employee

will tell you to update an app if the

app updates like here then you're saved

but if it doesn't update after many

tries you're basically thought