Unlocking *MAX* Tier Werewolf (Dire) Skin In Fortnite!

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and there it is the final unlock for the

level 100 battle poss we've got

ourselves not only the Wolfpack back

bling but more importantly the fifth

tier of the dire skin which is the black

werewolf it's like I said in my tier 5

calamity video I don't know it doesn't

feel as hype to get but the back blink

definitely makes it sick ATS sad today

we're doing some gameplay on the tier 5

unlocks for the dire skin so we're gonna

chuck on that back bling we just

unlocked and we're gonna go grab our new

fifth tier of the dire skin now

unfortunately I don't have any color

styles just yet this is how it will look

blue which is what you're looking for 20

weekly challenges so I'll get it this

week yellow which looks cool too and I'm

not a fan of that you it's black on