hello guys how are you today

so i want to show you how to unscramble

the lock channels

on your tv if your tv has an internal

built decoder you can use this dtb

firmware from our website


to get the original latest the latest


dtp firmware yes

so the latest file it's working it's the

latest file

in 2020 and we have just recently

updated it

so it supports all the

decoders all the free to air channels

receiver decoder it will support it

so guys as you can see my

my tv here has an internal recorder

so i'm only able to watch the local

channels but those

the international channels or unlocked

as you can see

there's the key okay like this one

select and if you click on it it really

doesn't show anything

the error that says it says scramble


yeah let's try another one

so this one discovery family also is

locked here

as you can see yes it's locked

so guys today we are going to unscramble

all these channels

so that they become free to view by

using the dell test

firmware dtp firmware it's just

below the link you just have to download

it directly

without any issues so yeah is

my flash disk make sure you look for the

original flash disk

i will recommend

the galaxy because here i am using the

galaxy i've already

transferred here my files so

let's do this

yes so as you can see i've already

put mine

so we again go to settings

menu then look for software upgrade

so you'll have to upgrade your tv

firmware or your decoder firmware using

the dtb firmware

that you have already put in the flash


guys make sure you don't put in any


this step is very crucial because you

if you put in any folder the tv may not

detect it

so mine have just put directly the root


in root folding so

i'll come to menu

go to software upgrade then select soft

yeah software upgrade then

in usb i click

ok do you want to press

one yes i click yes

okay so the firmware is already

installed so i will set my tv

or your decoder if you have a decoder

you have to reset it

and then as you can see

just come here and click on any channel

as you can see

the channels are still marked with a key


let's try them let's try this knowledge

okay that's one unlocked

another one as you can see also this one

is unlocked

no villa a hero

blockchains love nature

wow wow unbelievable

the dtp farmer is working small shots

the tv firmware is working guys

guys those who are not believing

look at these look at this look at this

magic look

this national geographic

it's working guys

let's try another another channel

sports premium

it's also i think guys as you can see

and this is

tv internal build tv

internal beauty decoder as you can see

the channels are marked with it

with the lock keys but they are just



they're all working now click on any

channel that you wish to watch

yeah there we go

so there


including movies guys let's see

his own tools

guys i know you won't believe this but

it's real it's working

the need to be famous when you graduate

and it's working here as you can see

guys yeah this is the tv

because you can see the menu yeah i'm

really sorry

i made you worry somebody hey this is

the menu guys

no problem as you can see

it's not something which is not real

it's rain hundred percent guys

and it's working ready to be famous

working guys

here how happy i am just showing you


letter let's try another channel guys

which one we really like to watch where

where are we

thank you kung fu why are you thanking


kung fu


it's king

it's working guys as you can see

the sports channels are working well

with the

delivery it's evans with the header

and it's wide chris music




unlocked forever keep it on the table

many of you guys have been saying that

the little bit thing is just come i'll

just have a look later i'm just here to

disapprove you

guys okay firmware

it's working it's the updated version

guys so simply download it

below the link is already provided make

sure that

you drink so guys so you don't have to



sun don't you so guys

yeah it's the sight of countless


but something is driving some of the

world's deadliest sharks to the


guys so let it be here

it it's working guys so many guys

you have to if you have any questions

please feel free to ask me

yeah just comment below

yeah and i will help you guys thank you

for your support

thank you for your time i hope you enjoy

i hope you enjoyed guys download the


it's ready yes

okay have a good time