How to open a digital safe without any tools or keys IN 2 SECONDS!

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so you clicked on this video because you

forgot your combination for your digital

safe now

you forgot your combination and you've

lost the key for your safe what most

people do is they take a soda can they

put it into a thin line and they put

into in between these two edges but

they're say you're just the hinges of

the door that does not like to go in it

and what other people do they take a

steel rod put it through this hole and

click the test and click the reset

button but there's another way to do it

so this edge is locked if it's not

attached to any wall get it onto a

surface that bounces and then throw it

up this will cause the hinges to go down

and allow the safe to open if it's

mounted to a wall then you have to take

the soda can and put it in there or try

to pick this lock in here let me

demonstrate with one simple duel you

will open the safe throw it up and

that's open now you click the reset

button and put your combination it's do

that one more time you saw that I locked

a one one one one one does not let me up

opened one more time you can bounce it

up down and that's open still one more