How To Bypass Google Lock (FRP) ZTE On Android 7.1.1 Nougat

hey guys so I'm gonna show you how to

bypass the activation lock on androids

this is a MetroPCS phone and we're gonna

do a quick tutorial on how to bypass it

on this version of Android so first

thing you need to do is right let's go

make sure you are connected to your

Wi-Fi connection you can set up as new

it'll check for updates just make sure

I'm already connected but on this menu

it'll ask you to connect to your Wi-Fi

so once you connect to your Wi-Fi you

should be good see it says some types of

Wi-Fi there so go back to this screen

you want to take two fingers and hold on


keep holding again

continue touching the screen until you

hear a beep to enable accessibility mode

showing items 1 2 3 & 5 press the back

button talking back here so you want to

make like a like a curve like a take

your finger and make like a see like a

letter see this text using text

double tap X is ready to slide from the

left side of the screen until it's mini

pops on you scroll down using two

fingers because you have to do that one

talkback double click you want to scroll

down until you find a YouTube click

YouTube having a quick notification ants

go up here to settings then we'll top it

quick shortcut maker

2.4 208 keyboard 20 percent six percent

eighty nine percent ninety four 20

percent 70 percent should automatically

download download quick shortcut 3 98

100 percent downloading open package

install install package installer

okay now you click open open knowing you

can scroll down until you find launcher

three we can find it in here one two

three no you weren't showing him edit

shortcut click try trap and you aren't

in Android and that's how you bypass

your flap thanks for watching subscribe

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