How to unlock SIM card Locked by pin code

hi guys welcome to this video today I'm

gonna give you the solution if you got a

phone and you know the simplest lacked

asking for a pin and you don't know the

pin so I'm gonna show you a different

trick that you need to do if you got a

same problem so right now I'm using the

CTE form but this process is gonna be

compatible with any a smart phone so if

you got a SIM card lacked so today I'm

gonna give it a solution alright the

first thing you're gonna do to go to the

main page because even though you put a

screen code so it's going to stay on

this page asking for the pain for the

SIM card so what you wanna do is you're

gonna take out the sin and you're gonna

restart your phone just restart your

phone all right let me just way into the

phone c'mon and I will show you what you

need to do



I want your phone a song I liked your

phone and go to settings right here now

you're gonna go to your apps right I

scroll down and you're gonna go to seem

to a kid right here seem to a kid you're

gonna go to a storage and you're gonna

clear data now go back to the main page

go to setting one more time right here

right here you're gonna go to security

right here security on this page what

you gonna do you're gonna put your seen

right here so it's gonna be locked like

sto so here you're gonna put six zero

one two three four five six right here

even I shows you have two attempts and

just press okay angry style your phone






all right yes unlock your phone and what

you gonna put here is one two three four

and press ok so as you can see the phone

now is on the main page this in car has

been unlocked but the last process you

gotta go right here to the main menu so

go to settings right here go to security

right here scroll down and go to setup

in car locked right here right here

you're gonna turn off that option and

you're gonna pull one two three four

press ok as you can see the pin has been

disabled now you can restart your phone

and you're gonna go to the main page so

90% of this case by putting one two

three four

that's the passcode for all the SIM card

one two three four

now if your phone is asking for the puk

code you will have to call customer

service your you know provide your

customer service and they gonna give you

the code to unlock the SIM card your

phone just asking for the puke a code so

only customer service handle that type

of information if you have an equation

please let me know and by the way don't

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