Yahtzee With Buddies Cheat Codes

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all right so what's going on everybody

this is a sort of a very unique video

I'm doing I'm holding my webcam because

I have some stuff to show you guys with

this video but basically today I'm

showing you guys how to exploit an

exploit I guess you would just call it

really it's sort of a cheat sort of

thing in a game called Yahtzee with

buddies it's a pretty well-known game

it's a really good Yahtzee game once you

pretty much try it it's one of those

sort of things that you can get addicted

to and more than likely some of your

Facebook friends play and you can link

up with them one there and play it and

it's just standard you know as a real

standard galaxy game it's fun to play um

now this little exploit I did happen to

see somebody else there was only like

one other video on YouTube about it but

they only exclusively didn't they showed

how to do it on an Android device

there's nobody anywhere showing how to

do this on an Apple device I figured out

how to do it kind of all on my own it's

not exactly similar to what he went

through and did um it's a little

different and a lot of people wouldn't

be able to figure it out like I did so I