Epiphany Diamonique Princess Cut Channel Set Tennis Bracelet with Jennifer Coffey

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tell the story all the time so if I'm a

broken record for those of you at home

my apologies in advance but basically my

diamonique tennis bracelet replaces any

need that I will ever have for a diamond

tennis bracelet in real that I had

wished for all my near 40 years because

when I got my Diamond eight tennis

bracelet home I realized even if I were

to somehow scrape together the thousands

of dollars for a real tennis bracelet in

diamonds it wouldn't look like this

because every single stone in this

princess cut tennis bracelet is

colorless is flawless is inclusion free

is a burst of color and light that you

get home for $16 and 42 cents on the

highest easy pay that we offer and if

you've seen us present tennis bracelets

many many times before and said just not

yet not yet not yet

today is the yet because it is on the

highest easy pay that we've got and at

the end of the day you know where I'm

going to say easy pay will go away same

price for all of our size choices excuse


six and three-quarter seven and a

quarter and 8 inch this is from our

epiphany line so every single stone that