"Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO" - How to get Diamond Camo! - BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay NEW

hello everyone and welcome my name is

Ali and today I have a very exciting

video for you guys and it's about a new

camo within black ops 2 multiplayer that

very very little people knew about

anything they did know about bet no idea

how to unlock it and today if you guys

have information as to how to unlock

this new diamond camo and how I came

across it and some actual gameplay

footage courtesy of vikkstar123 who I

believe to be the first person in the

world to a tree and lock the camo and

this is going to be an awesome video you

guys are going to really enjoy it so

first of all I've known about the

diamond camo for a while now because

it's actually a choosable camo or that

shows that the diamond camo is available

in black ops 2 multiplayer if you go and

create a class within the call of duty

elite website however nobody knew how to

unlock it I was searching the internet

for days and days nobody who knew how to

do it I was going to make a video on it

but I didn't want to share information

if I didn't know how to actually get the

camo for you guys and then suddenly one

day Vic star comes along and he tells me

he has a diamond camo on all of his

special weapons I didn't believe him at

first but he wasn't lying so I'm going

to tell you guys how to get them as you

can see here I'm going to show you

footage of the crossbow with the diamond

camo on it and also the ballistic knife

but if you want to see the riot shield

which is very very cool and a combat

knife with diamond camo on it you can go

straight to Vic stars channel by

clicking in the top left and that will

take you right there if you want to see

more footage fixed star also does a

series where he shows off all of the

golden camos he's working towards

unlocking all the diamond camos and all

the other guns so his channel is the

place if you want to check out even more

diamond camo footage so as you can see

the damn camo consists of diamond jewels

mixed with the golden overlay so it

looks very very cool very blingy and I

think a lot of people are going to be

rushing to try and get the diamond camo

now that people know how to do it so how

do you do it

well guns and equipment are categorized

into different groups you've got snipers

you've got shotguns assault rifles so

Vic Starr's completed the specialist

weapons which include the combat knife

the ballistic knife a riot shield and

the crossbow

oh and he got gold camo on all four of

them and once you did that it unlocked

the diamond camo so if you want to get

diamond camo on your snipers you're

gonna have to get gold camo on all your

snipers if you want to get diamond on

your assault rifles you're going to have

to get gold camo on every single assault

rifle so all of those groups if you

don't yet know how to do the golden

camera I've already done a video

covering this but essentially what you

need to do is unlock every camo for a

single gun all the way up to the final

one which I believe is a scold camo and

then you have the golden camo and locked

automatically it's going to take people

a long long time to do it but it's going

to be well worth it as you can see we've

never seen a camo as awesome as this

within a Call of Duty game and I think

it's fantastic of Treyarch have added

this in as an additional camo after gold

so as I've said a big thank you to Vic

star he is the first person I know of to

have unlocked these camos and he was

kind enough to share the footage with me

here on my channel but go and check out

his channel go and let him know that

I've sent you guys and check out more

footage of a riot shield and the combat

knife just leave a comment saying ally a

army or ally a sent me and go and show

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enjoyed this video it's been a very

special one and I'm excited to go and

unlock the diamond camera for myself

thank you very much for watching and I

see you on my next video