How To Reset Your Vehicle To Factory Settings To Unlock Your Diablosport Intune I-1000

hi this is Matt with amplitude custom

tuning be sure to check us out on the

web WWE Champion for all your custom

tuning needs we also sell used handheld

programmers at a heavily discounted

price and we purchase use programmers in

any condition so please make sure to

give us a visit alright today I'm going

to be setting our 2012 f150 5.0 back to

stock settings you'll need to do this if

you are going to try to unlock your

programmer so it's not vin locked to

your truck this will allow you to sell

it to another person say you're getting

rid of your truck you want to get some

money back on your programmer this is

the step that you need to take you're

also going to want to do this before you

take your vehicle in for service as the

dealer could flash over your vehicles

calibration and to be safe you should

take it in with the stock calibration on

it so I've got our DiabloSport into an

AI 1000 already plugged in and booted up

we're just gonna go right ahead and go

to tun vehicle gonna have a disclaimer

we'll just hit yes and then we're going

to go to restore vehicle when we tuned

our truck we went to a write vehicle and

now we're gonna go to restore I'm gonna

turn my ignition key to armed without

starting the vehicle I'm also going to

make sure that my radio is turned off my

HVAC is turned off and any accessories

are unplugged I guess I did not have the

key turn soon enough so I'm gonna just

hit the check mark I would try it one

more time

all right it's going to ask me if I want

to restore the original backup to the

vehicle and release the vehicle license

on the programmer I'm going to hit the

green check mark to agree to that and it

is going to go ahead and write the

original backup back onto the trucks

this will take a few minutes this is a

process that the time of it sort of

depends on the vehicle and the

programmer you're using the holder

DiabloSport predators take a little bit

longer this being one of the newer or

anywhere into a nylon thousand goes a

little quicker than those if you want

really fast speeds you can move up to

the brand new DiabloSport into an eye -

so we'll let this work take a few

minutes and we'll come back


okay our original backup tune has been

rewritten back to the truck it's gonna

ask us to key cycle the ignition so I'm

going to turn the key off and hit the

check mark and I'm gonna turn it back on

starting it with your check box once

more okay the original backup has been

restored to the vehicle successfully

we're all ready to go I'm just gonna

turn the vehicle off and unplug the in

tune once again make sure you come check

us out on the Internet WWE am platoon

custom tuning thanks a lot for watching