Diablo 3 Basics Guide Part 1 Adventure Mode Explained 2.6.4

hello guys and welcome to the video this

is a diablo 3 basics guide

now I've been making YouTube content for

Diablo 3 for almost 6 years now on the

13 Jerry 6 years I make a deal both free

content here on YouTube so I'm always

under more advanced stuff and I've never

actually done a basic series sometimes

so this would be new players out there

coming to the world of Sentri ok so

let's get straight into it

so your video is about the different

game modes or Diablo free and we can do

moving that like those modes ok let's go

over to the first one straight away ok

guys so basically there is three modes

of Diablo 3 ok so you've got the

campaign mode which is basically the

story of the game he gets display off

the whole world of sync tree and

basically it will buy fruits a boss

fight ok and also learn about the lore

of the game as well and then got a

venture mode this is where this is

basically the guts of the game this is

where the main game is the venture mode

is where you do all your main stuff

making your carrots increase in power

farming crazy strong blue etc and

searches the main game mode of the upper

feed adventure mode you can only go to a

venture mode once you've completed the

campaign though and then you've got a

third mode that was introduced there not

too long ago who challenged rifts this

is a custom mode where you get to play

another player's character to get

leaderboard rankings and some phat

looters no on top okay nice so to start

with venture mode and we explain each

one piece by piece

so basically gonna go through every

basics there is fly completely from

scratch okay for complete from scratch

he gets one nice okay guys first on the

list is the stash okay so you go to this

chest here and base in here you get

these different tabs here as well I

basically just store all your items in

here okay use your space wisely because

you're super run out of space like I

have here cuz I've got way too much way

too much gear the best gear found in the

game over many many years many many

years of Diablo free weights completely

fill up for me now so you can get extras

and tabs here you can buy them some gold

what I've got on the captor at the

moment but also when you follow the

seasonal quests basically ever has

seasons as well if you complete those

questions you can and can actually eat

this thing

and the amount of capacity you have and

also if you buy the necromancer DLC

Packers are going to get an extra two

tabs as well on top so you can't extend

this eventually okay just play seasons

as well especially and you know a lot

more more tabs as you complete the quest

in each season nice so yeah you can

change also you on here you can change

your icons on PC you just right-click

here you can change the icon purpose of

things to say you want your set items

for instance there you can click on that

now change the green things you can do

there only gear for your Crusader or

wherever okay so you can change the

icons there is quite a nice thing and

yeah that's pretty much the stache man

basically it's nice and easy and you

just pop your stuff in there and you're

right you're good to go you're good to

go okay nice

okay guys next item here is the armory

okay the armory seems your loadouts for

your character

so say yeah right now this is a pushing

build solar pushing but I'm playing here

right now before my witch doctor okay so

rather than me going to the stash and

picking up all this other gear to do

another build say a speed farm in build

I just go to the armory and there it is

it's already saved here so what you do

you put all your equipment on your

character exactly how you want and say

for your skills as well but all your

skills on your bar exactly how you want

then go to the armory and you just hit

save and that's it and you save it here

and you get to work cool it wherever you

want okay and so I'll call this one

right now sumimasen gr solo build okay

then say I want to do a speech on me

build say here I just click on here this

one's not sup at the moment is missing

some gear I just press equip and boom

I'll be set up for my speed file it just

saves you a lot of time it's really

really nice and cool it's ricochets you

know we got the armory man stopping

around that long that you preciously

okay guys we've gone out here we've got

the book of Cain the book of Cain right

here we'll identify any legendary items

they're not identified in your backpack

you know do all of them in one go of

nice and efficient back in the old days

we have to right-click on everything

that's a right-click to identify all the

gears take forever so if they've got to

put McCain finally come in man and can

fight all your stuff nice okay guys next

spot over here it varies in each zone

because this different zones but

I tend to go down right here is where

you hire your followers right guys right

now I'm using my Templar okay but right

you can also hire the enchantress as

well and they will put their own

different skills like charms and staff

Templar tends to do more healing or

things like that they got the scoundrel

unfortunately no one really uses anymore

because he's not that good but he's

really got some cool voice over there

but basically right here's where you

hide your the followers and outfit them

with some bits and bobs of gear as well

rings necklaces weapons and a token as

well and yeah but they're more like the

boy less support characters just keep

stuff alive

a lot of people tend to use a Templar

these tends to be the best choice for

most of the time for like the heels and

stuff nice okay there so let's go to the

next fine dice which is the NPC crafters

okay so when there's quite a few

crafters in the zone

coquettish n this dude here is all about

gems and jewelry okay gems enjoy this

where you go to make all your gems

upgrade to the higher tier gems but ton

over here already pre-made so basically

turn your low B gems and I grade them

using gold and other materials to a

higher tier gem heist a gem you can make

is flawless royal

okay so basically wants to make your

rare yeah I'm let's hear your rings have

you got recipes as well hellfire

embolism rings the recipes for those are

in fact suit from squirt the peddler

well let's go over to Miriam now

Miriam's is the artisan okay at Miriam

you can reroll your gear okay so say

you've got an item I don't see this one

here for instance we've got this is any

mass of cloth pants here for instance

okay so say I want to change the plague

of toast damage to saint armor I'll just

click on the plate tubes there mate all

right same here click on this question

mark these are the possible rolls it

could be okay so what I'm looking for

right now is armor so you just hit this

and this is the material as it takes

so I blues yellows forgot on the soldier

we get from a destroyed legendary items

definitely packed the blue and get on

guys in there in designers man its price

property cost you about gold as well and

we're looking for our mob we didn't get

it so

which tape that for now select property

every time you re-roll it would cost you

more more gold to re-roll the cursor

press it again and see go now trauma

roll bang another eye is done you can

only roll re-roll one item okay so when

one fix so now we've got the armor roll

that's all we can reroll now so I can't

reroll the intentional activity so make

sure you choose the correct value to

re-roll but it gets very very important

okay so don't back up your rolls okay

you don't have find say like a primer

white and say like this and back up the

roll okay cuz you can't go back you

can't cook up and make sure you roll the

credits or thing also guys I'm Miriam

you can do transmogrify you can change

blonde so you looted that item you can

unlock its skin okay

once you have got that skin so right now

I've got the MEMS use carving-knife

skin on my sacred half so say it looks

like this I really like the look of it

but you can also change it to hamburger

if you wanted to or a wizard spy

canister so just what aesthetics

basically I really do like this this be

regime here I can estimated so you click

on that and boom and now we've got a

spear on our back so she's really really

cool but but also on here you can also

change the dyes of your armor so just

crazy the Dharma tab right click and

your piece of your armor see when I

change our chest plate right now I've

got this dye to green okay so takes you

there as well

foresters dire so say I want to turn it

black just go click on that and vote you

go actually it looks pretty cool

actually was this before black arm here

so you explain to the same dyes and now

just right-click to my shoulders now now

gets my gloves my legs and my boots

she makes oh that was really cool that I

usually use his skin years ago actually

oh my god actually I'm gonna keep this

on that looks absolutely sick oh yeah I

used to rock this look using years ago

for quite up Kuwait looks I'm definitely

running this for season 16 boys big lat

that's great so yeah that's basically

what Miriam could do she rerolls your

gear you change the look of your gear

and can change your diet I'm definitely

rock in that black bag that looks

absolutely fantastic

okay guys over here we've got the

blacksmith Heydrich ailment get over her

drink man here you can craft all your

weapons and stuff if you want so if

you've got recipes you can make some

lunch either ones here most of time does

injury weapons here ain't that great

then more lighter starter gear you give

the recipes from this stuff here from

doing bounty missions in the zone

canning green Goblin's off as well okay

also there's a one recipe you can get

from a CL he's in act 5

the main boss this dude here kill him he

drops a recipe as well for the braces

Reapers reps as well Yuma chops one

there so but we go in a more difficult

us off like that in the future they here

basically Baker weapons armor you can

sandwich your gear so say yes I think

here that you really don't want you can

blow this up k so you just click on

sound way to click on that item I don't

think I blow this out because the

perfect item there but you get that you

can blow it up and then you would get

material blown those items up so if you

blob a white item you get reused

material which is this one you reusable

parts of your blubber blue I didn't get

arcane dust you blubber yellow item

sounds it down basically you get Val

crystal if you blew up a legendary so I

sell which is a blow up man

some people say a few years if you

destroy and salvage a literary item you

would get forgotten songs okay you get

one for a standard legendary three I

think two or three for an agent and 15

for a primal item we go the red ones

okay so you get them at all so they can

repair all your broken items here as you

the game if you're a softcore can repair

your armor ok forearm gets to a certain

point you'll get an icon up here saying

basically the armors wrecked they were

no longer affected to make sure your aim

to be top condition guys were repairing

after each one you do nice ok so we're

done lieutenant

so we're another NPC a lot of people

hate and love is Cardano now Cardano is

a blood merchant a bloodshed merchant

you get these blood shards from killing

Ric Guardians and greater rift guardians

and also there's a goblin as well that

can also drop these blood shots ok so

basically once you equipment a certain

amount of shards right here I've got two

of 1,600 you can grade your cap of blood

shards by pushing higher so low greater

rifts I would do a separate video about

rifts in the future but but basically

you get these blast shards you come up

to her a good bite a mystery item I

guess you could right-click here in the

shrewdest weapon mystery orbs whatever

you want okay every time you click this

it's got a chance to be blue item yellow

item legendary item H an item or even

possibly primal agent item if you've

unlocked gr 70 Santa again like I said

we're go bud riffs in another video

because I was this video be a be like

two hours long okay so got to contact

legal weapons here armor and trinkets om

lists and rings generally when you're

using your bloodshot and your first

plane Diablo you want to go for the most

cheapest items first okay go for the

Chiefs arms first because if you're if

you're doing weapons or stuff it's

really hard it's really really hard to

get you know what you want at 75

bloodshot's Bob always try to spend the

cheaper ones first and once you get all

that gear that you've got now then you

can go to start gambling on the higher

end item so go buy these ones here if

you want to but obviously they just do

the 25 shot ones first see it with that

perfect kid then then blow your shots on

the higher end stuff okay nice okay so I

saw the followers okay guys didn't got

over here you've got the obelisk their

Nephilim obelisk okay so when you click

on this here Nephilim rift in Nephilim

rifts is the standard R if you run

through there's a progress bar I would

do it now because you know I want to

keep this video nice and nice and time

sweet so as you went for a Nephilim rift

you'll be camped in monsters and things

like that you kill those monsters

there's a progress bar when the post bar

hits too

top my rift guardian will spawn when you

kill the rift guardian he will drop you

but a chart which we just talked about

gold materials are more importantly he

will drop you greater rift key stones

okay so once you get great rift key

stones then you can unlock a greater

rift okay and this guy is pretty much it

i've been definitely the higher the rift

the more experience you will get you get

tons of tons of blood shots it's very

similar to a Nephilim rift the only

difference is you won't drop no gold it

will not drop no Lutz it would drop me

drop loot on the rift guarding killed

right at the end so the same sort of

thing you go through the rift you build

up a progress bar the rift item will

spawn you kill it and your non reward

above a ton of new there we go

so look what a lot of us tend to do is

obviously you know doing gr hundred

twenty solo it's gonna be very difficult

it's gonna take you a long long time to

do it so it's what you tell me what you

would really want to do is do fast riffs

what a lot of people tend to do is like

you know what 61 12 13 rift so just

quickly go through it to accumulate a

lot of wealth and a lot experience a

greater rifts is the best way to gain

experience in Diablo 3 to empower your

paragon I will do a separate video about

Paragon and a great risk guys in the

future which gonna keep it nice and

basic today but you'd be spending a lot

of time at this table Sven so standard

Nephilim reps for gold materials and

stuff like that and of course keys as

well and then great risks for experience

as well and also in great risk ice you

get letting dream gems as well it's 13

to collect as you go through two great

rifts you'll get these gems you can

upgrade these gems for higher effect so

these legendary gems go into your

jewelry slots

okay and then yeah you know you'll be

able to grading these gems and it will

make your character stronger and

stronger and stronger so right here I've

got a ranked hundred twenty stricken for

the Ripper British Guardian damage and

making the trap for more general DPS and

this pet gem here go even more pet

damage to the highly ranked the Jim the

more effect it has nice okay so let's go

over now to goblins okay so in the in

general rifts here never on British

Standards riskier goblins can spawn

there's a lot of different types of

governments in the game but they were

only spawn in Nephilim rifts here they

do not spawn in greater rifts whatsoever

and also the goblins will also spawn in

the world of sanctuary to oppress your

MP or equivalent or console and attend

us which they will spawn randomly around

in these zones as well okay also only

your ring bow goblins spawn in Adventure

mode and rainbow goblins will not spawn

in Nephilim rifts it's only in Adventure

mode and also bandit tribe there's the

rarest rung at the game will only spawn

in these zones somewhere they're very


once you find one click on it tons of

goblins were spawn

make sure you invite your friends when

you find one because they'll get their

loot as well it's a really nice way to

get tunnel boat and the materials are

super super quick nice ok guys then we

got keen eyes key man now keen ice cube

is a bit of a complicated Beast there's

a lot you can do with it I will do a

separate video for keen ice cube but you

get clean ice cube it's like another

artisan crafting station but you get

clean ice cube from act 3 and you get it

from the ruins of set on going to this

is owned run all the way through there

be another door by going to a second

zone and you'll find it on top of a

pedestal with a little ghosty dude next

to him it going to click on that and

you'll get your key nice cute make sure

you talk to Zorro and cool before he

gives you a quest to basically find the

cube so make sure you talk to uncle

first go to the roads etc run through

that whole zone go to the second zone

and you'll find on top of a pedestal

click on that down and then Kane

you will be in in all your towns okay

chaos key basically is a mess of

crafters - like I said I will do a

separate video for Cain ask you but

basically you can I'll do a quick brief

here you can attract legendary powers

from your gear into these slots here to

further your parrot cat power up your

character you can craft stuff you can

change material color types also stuff

you know you can do you can empower your

gear use and kind of spare recipe that

make sure damage do we go even higher

there's a lot of stuff you can do with a

ping nice cube and even summon some

secret portals to other worlds for more

treasure and routes interesting nice

okay guys now one of the main things you

can do in Adventure mode is balance ease

again that bounties give you these hot

rhetoric chests it okay so basically in

in all the zones here if you complete

these quests here in any knowledge that

you are once you complete all these

quests you'll be awarded this chest of

loot okay in his chest loot there's all

sorts of crafting materials okay but

more is mainly though is for the bounty

material so if we go to and Parkins have

here it's for these here now these

things are Goldust okay these things let

you craft certain stuff at a blacksmith

or more importantly lets you reward your


attitude okay yeah if you want to

include you up your character to power

reforge it this one here on page two is

one the key waste there so you put your

item in here you hit Phil hit transmit

then this item will be completely

reforged it's like in a brand new

galatic it can be a standard legendary

an ancient entry or even a primal that

country this is one reason why everyone

comes to Adventure mode is the two these

bounties and hopefully hopefully get an

upgrade on item so it's like Target

litem to reforge it to get to a better


ok nice so yeah so much you've done your

bounties i just them in wax so just go

so x1 clear these ones here and then at

to them at free at four okay and then

five right at the end if you're playing

a full player group make sure you've got

speed farm and builds on there's tons of

guides out there for speed bomb built

all the classes I've got tons here on my

channel special wish doctor best way to

do this in a four player game everyone

goes into one act themselves but we'll

go into 1x everyone splits up so what I

tend to do is we go everyone goes into

one act then right at the end we all

meet up at five and clear because x5 is

quite large it takes quite a long time

to do so that's what I personally I do

anyway and then once you're all done

once you complete those quest you just

go up to Toru you just click on him and

he goes blah blah blah but I Nephilim

and he'll drop you that chest there

chest by popping your back

I can you like lick it inside that chest

will be these materials here they'll be

gold also reusing pass arcane dispel

crystal as well that perhaps only drops

from elite packs

in red sticker it don't do bees do not

drop or great arrests fear and entropy

Nephilim reps and seal adventure mode so

if you see em and then blue mobs or

they'd named yellow mob once you kill

them I've got Phoebe as well

nice guys one more thing which is

Hellfire Emirates okay so it's almost

crafting station so first a to say if

you look on the map here you see that

little King here

Oh dick the keyboard okay oh dude

keyboarding and there's basically four

key wardens in the games you've got one

here you can't miss it there's a key

there connect to there's one or a basis

and that would keep warden here that one

over and stones bought there he is

it's no four finger at four as well

which is in the gardens of hope okay you

can't miss it while she's down in that

area there'd be a purple arrow on your

mini-map just run up to it kill this

those really easy to kill and he'll drop

you these machines okay

they drop use machines here basically

these machines was a portal open to the

uber area the uber vieira is where I am

right now in acts one just run over here

there's a secret door here just just

using EPS kill you get to the heretics

the boat that you come into here and

then just right-click these portals and

you're running here and you fight these

bosses these bosses when she killed them

will drop gold loot as well as stuff

like that but more importantly they drop

hellfire amulet parts these stuff in

there ups regret by the petrous idols

and terror and hatta fright

this one is an old one that you can't

get anymore okay so once you were cool

that's why she got those materials you

will go to act soon to the human camp

and there's some recipes from squirt the

peddler so coat in the stylus here and

you could buy a hellfire ring and

hellfire amulet okay how far hammers is

the one you want to go for most of a

ring gives you a bit of exp bonus and

froze this very weak fireball is not

really good but hellfire amulet from

here is a great item it's very very cool

then once you've done that you can just

go over to the jewelry dude

coke - n and go to forge jewelry and

you'll take those materials it takes 10

forgotten Psalms and the mysteriously

and you click on that craft and

hopefully go good one okay it's not

breaking this one's not great okay it's

all fantastic but yeah this the idea so

that's where is this innate one also

guys with your items in your backpack as

well on PC it's left control okay but

you can show the highest roles to that

particular writer okay the highest

Robstown particular item so a non-asian

main stacking up to 750 on laminate for

instance then a primal can go will up to

8,000 intelligence so that way you can

see what that particular iron can roll

the highest sort of thing to do is say

like so you're very new to the game so

okay I just got a crit chance on my

gloves I'm not sure what the highest

buddy it could be you just hold down

control or console equivalent and it'll

pop up with that information right there

nice and easy there okay this time can

write to ten crit 50 CHD I would get

right to a thousand telogen because it's

ancient agents go up to a thousand

tinges on certain items etc etc so it's

different for rings as well like a ring

here it's not nature ring here as can

they drop to 500 in temperatures because

if you get an ancient one this one


it basically Graz at 6:50 boasting girls

in 64 so yeah we graduate so an HR

Michael Rob to 650 as well with item

rarities you basically got a standard

agent then sorry you've got a standard

lemon tree like this one here then the

border will go orange when you find that

H and item and that lets you automate

that item of the counts there has to be

in the cube will others if I just

separately about the cube in the future

that where is it I'll do a big series of

videos so go you guys for the world

essentially meant to get the best out of

the game so yes so you got free T's your

standard laundry just like this one here

with no border that you've got ancient

legendary which has raised snacks if

it's a weapon you also raised main DPS

as well goes up and up and up and then

you got a primal item a primal item is

basically the top tier you can find

anything it's extremely rare very very

rare and I've had some amazing moments

with this game finding primal gear like

I said early in this video you can then

get primal gears and what once you beat

gr 70 soloing the game okay so you've

let scare and once you beat gr simply

solo within the timer you a lot primals

okay y'all know primals primal drop rate

is extremely rare it's roughly 0.4 0.4 I

believe agent is around about 10% chance

think every time that item dropped so

several point for this I didn't figure

you'd get lot of stuff but some you'd be

breaking their stuff for materials that

don't need always follow a guide as well

boys and girls when you're building up

your character if you don't actually

want to blow something up

this choice either get the forward for

instance that is valuable oh no I need

that item again and that means something

so make sure you were you keep the right

gear follow my guide there's plenty to

the spirit guides out there check out

Diablo Famicom fantastic play sort of

massive resource I post my stuff over

there as well and the icy lanes has

really caused what I get and of course

here on YouTube or just the research for

a build guides and you're fine loads of

notes and stuff okay I think I've gone

through everything guys the second video

will all be everything and everything

about rifts okay well I'll go in detail

detail about rifts and greater rifts in

the second video guys thank you very

very much man I hope you enjoyed this

basics guide once again feel free to


I can subscribe or share this video

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guys in next one take care have fun in

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