HOW TO! Chop Saw Lock Down pin. Store Postion Release. DeWalt

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ah to make a video of this on the floor

because there's actually a video of this

on the internet people don't know how to

do it this is what have we gotten into

in society I couldn't have done this

before and I'll show you what I'm

talking about a minute because it was

frozen now it's not frozen anymore

because this is aluminum that steel is

pin so it freezes up what we're showing

is that that lockdown pin this is how

the thing comes in a box this chop saw

or if you want to store it like I have

to on a shelf I have to lock it down or

else it doesn't fit in the condo land

girl excuse me I had this perch

basically what you do is push down on

the top put a little pressure and you

can pull your PIN out look it goes up

that's so often you leave it just like

that it doesn't have a spring I could

have swore I had to spring a knob on it

but then I'm looking at other models

that are newer than this we're about the

same you know stylist I changed a number

on that same saw same apparatus it does

fully free floats in there well the deal

is this things from like 2005 over time

again get corrosion in there or it's

this is a humid climate this it ruined