DEWALT DW715 - Unbox & Review!!

hey guys Jimmy here with the general

expert channel here on YouTube I have a

pretty big job going on right now in

which I have to replace all of the

baseboards in my entire house the only

problem with that is I don't own a miter

saw I went online and started doing some

research my goal was to spend $200 or

less on a really good miter saw what I

learned was there's a lot of different

options including dual bevel compound

miter saw single bevel compound miter

saw then you have the 10-inch blade

versus the 12 inch blade I did what

pretty much everyone else is gonna do

and I went to Home Depot and Lowe's

website and I just basically looked at

what they had I knew right off the bat

that I was looking for the big names

like Dewalt Makita rigid what I found

with Home Depot was they had a really

nice rigid 10 inch dual bevel compound

miter saw that was right at that $1.99

price point I also found dEWALT's had a

12-inch single bevel compound miter saw

that was on sale for $1.99 now both of

their websites listed the list price as

299 and it was on sale I guess for like

$50 off and then another 50 off and so

down to $1.99 and the thing about that

one was it wasn't in stock at Home Depot

was in stock at Lowe's so the only other

one I considered was the brand hitachi

hitachi had a nice dual bevel compound

miter saw 12 inch blade that was also

$1.99 on sale luckily when I went to

Lowe's the DeWalt and the Hitachi were

sitting right next to each other and the

Hitachi just didn't seem as high a

quality as the DeWalt did I know

obviously you can't really go wrong with

Dewalt and there's many people out there

who swear by them but I just wanted to

see what else was out there in the end I

ended up picking up the DeWalt dw7 1-5

what's odd is my quest on youtube to try

to find a really good miter saw for a

good decent price point really there's

not a lot of videos on these things so I

figured I'm just gonna go ahead and make

an unboxing video right now so you can

see exactly what comes in the box of

this thing and I'll also make a first

use video when I actually start cutting

all these baseboards without further ado

let's dive right in

the good thing is is none of this

styrofoam looks broken so I'm pretty

much betting that this thing's never

been dropped off of a forklift or

something we have a couple parts here

looks like some kind of tool and oh this

might be the dust bag so let's go ahead

and take this styrofoam out of here if

we can get it out

look at this thing holy schmoly z-- wow

that is a good-looking tool man I have

to admit one thing that I noticed on

many of the other brands that I looked

at is I think these are called the

fences and maybe the table I guess I

don't know but these pieces here are

machined really nice on this Dewalt and

I really didn't see as high quality at

machining in this and the on these areas

on any of the other machines really as

the DeWalt had alright so this is it

guys this is the DeWalt DW seven one

five single bevel compound miter saw 12

inch of course one of the reasons why I

went this route versus a dual bevel ten

inch is I believe this 12 inch blade

allows you to cut a lot more than you'd

be able to cut with the ten inch and I

just don't think that I'm gonna

absolutely need the dual bevel scenario

anytime soon so I think that this saw

being a single bevel is gonna be just

fine for me in case you don't know how

to raise the saw handle back here

there's a little pin just push down on

the saw pull this pin out and the saw

handle then is able to come right up

also to turn it you're going to want to

make sure that this tab is not down like

this because this locks it into place

make sure the tab is up and then there's

a tab underneath you press and you can

turn it whichever way you want also I

like that this saw comes with a blade

I'm not sure if they all do but this one

did it is a general-purpose blade with

32 teeth now that should be just fine

for cutting this baseboard that's made

out of MDF what you see back here is the

scale for the bevels and you can see it

goes beyond 45 degrees in order to get

that to move you'd actually loosen this

handle back here

and you simply push the machine to the

desired angle and then you just simply

tighten this back up nice and tight so

here's the dust bag and from what I've

been able to learn most of these saws

have dust bags and everyone says they

pretty much are useless so I'm sure this

is just kind of like hey yeah we got a

dust bag but I don't expect this to

really be catching very much dust to put

the dust bag on you're really just gonna

slide it over that and press it on and

you're good so that's it guys this is

the saw and that looks fantastic

feels fantastic this thing looks like

it'll last me the rest of my life

there's still some things I'm gonna have

to learn about this and how to use it

but overall I'm really impressed with

just the general build quality the types

of materials they use and just how

everything looks really nice I know this

was just simply pulling the unit out of

the box but I just wanted to show that

in case any of you guys wanted to see

exactly what this thing looks like brand

new out of the box does that's what I

was looking for when I was searching for

him in terms of price like I was telling

you I went to Lowe's to pick this up and

I actually used my Lowe's credit card

which gave me another 5% off so I think

my before tax price was around 189 for

this thing which I'm pretty sure is a

pretty good deal I'm really happy with

it so far I've not used it yet but I'm

sure it's a Dewalt that's gonna work

extremely well all right guys you didn't

think I was gonna end this video without

at least ripping through one board so

let's go ahead and do this


Wow that sucker was powerful here's

those cuts with that 32 tooth blade very

very nice look at that

beautiful so that'll do it for this

video I'll go ahead and put some links

down in the description below this video

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alright guys Jimmy with the general

expert channel here on YouTube signing