Destiny 2: How to Unlock the GOFANNON FORGE! | Black Armory

what is up guys Rick cactus here and

today we have the guide for how to

unlock the brand-new Golf Ihnen or go

fanon or jimmy fallon forge whatever you

want to call it just introduced into

destiny - now I apologize for being a

little bit late with this but it came

out at the exact same time as the new

scourge of the past raid which obviously

took all of my attention by the way if

you do want to know how to do this brand

new raid I have released my complete

raid guide check it out get in there get

some amazing loot but the dauphin in

forge how do you unlock this well there

actually isn't really an obvious

indicator the first thing you need to do

is while speaking of the raid go into

the raid now you want to actually have

to do anything special you can do this

solo in fact there isn't even a light

level limit to get in so no matter what

you can go in there and you just have to

be able to kill a few enemies because

killing enemies in this opening part in

this initial encounter of the raid will

get you the particular item you need

which is stolen black armory gear a

random jump from enemies within this

area now once you get it you can leave

that raid instance and head to 8:01 to

continue with this quest after that your

quest is going to update and now you

have to collect tainted gear which is

acquired by killing fallen with

precision shots for this I would

recommend going into the trust land and

going into a lost sector you can go and

buy yourself no one else will steal your

kills kill all of the basic enemies go

out of the lost sector and go back and

all the enemies will reload you'll get

it in no time now after you've collected

all 35 your quest step is going to

update again and this time you're gonna

have to go to the spider in the tangled

Shore talk to him and he will update

your quest step one more time and now

you've got to do two different things

firstly you have to get 75 fallen melee

kills while in the tangled Shore area

and also you have to complete a cryopod

heroic public event now you can simply

wander around the tangled Shore busting

skulls because the only public event

that will spawn here

is going to be a cryopod and then you

can just complete it now for anyone may

be unaware of how to activate heroic all

you need to do is kill the first two

waves of enemies when the big boss jumps

out heard him a little bit until the

ground around the crowd pod is doing

that freezing effect that's hurting you

but you're going to see on the crab pot

itself smoke coming out of vents shoot

these vents they're gonna blow open and

expose spheres that you can pick up and

throw at the big boss once you've hit

him three different times he is going to

freeze in place and you're gonna have to

stand around him and capture the zone in

order to complete a heroic cryopod event

now once you've done both of these steps

head back to the spider taught to him

again and now you're gonna have to go to

the e DZ and investigate fallen caches

no what exactly does this mean well

you're gonna have to do a specific law

sector if you open them up to the e DZ

you'll see the symbol for this quest

appear in the winding Cove so head there

and then head down into this law sector

once inside you'll find a boss that like

most other black armory bosses is immune

and surrounded by those small drones if

you take out all the drones the immune

shield will go down and then you can

properly damage this boss now once

you've killed the boss you simply head

further into the lost sector scanning

black army caches as you go now once

you're done with this lost sector the

quest is actually just gonna lead you to

another lost sector with another boss

again surrounded by those drones and

more caches to scan so make sure you

have the right equipment to deal with

quite a few ads and these bosses they

can be a bit tanky so something like

blade barrage for the Hunter hammers

even for the Titan or chaos reach for

the warlock can really help take these

guys down

once you've neutralized those shield

drones next up you're gonna have to

clear out yet another lost sector and

finally once you've done that your quest

step is going to update the mission will

complete and now you have to intercept

high-value targets on necess but

specifically you have to track down

roaming captains now where are those

located well one always does spawn on

the Exodus black area on Ness

send now it's just gonna be waiting

around like do something in the

background watched a YouTube video on

your phone something like that because

you are just gonna be sitting there on

the Exodus black area and waiting for

the text in the bottom left corner of

your screen to appear that a high-value

target has entered the area now when you

see that a ship a fallen ship is going

to come and drop him off where you see

it happened in the background gameplay

now you don't actually have to 100% get

the kill on this guy but most people

don't know that and it's gonna lead to

some frustration where if you're not

there right away someone else is gonna

melt him in one second and then fly away

and you've gotten no shots on him you

just need to get some shots on him you

need to get some damage on him and then

he's capable of dropping the rewards you

need it's not a hundred percent

guaranteed bill for whatever reason so

you do want to get a decent amount of

damage but if you see some other people

waiting around let them at least get

shots on spread the love and then take

that guy out as soon as you do kill him

it's actually gonna be a physical drop

from his body and that job is gonna be

the item origin Nessus and it's gonna

update your quest yet again now you're

gonna have to investigate Civics cache

which is to do a specific loss sector on

necess as you can see in the background

gameplay head down here and there's

gonna be a couple bosses you have to

face off with but once you do manage to

kill those guys and then scan some black

armory caches your quest is going to

update yet again and now if you open

your necess map you're going to see a

new location pop up the spiders

competition this is a 620 light

recommended activity but there doesn't

seem to be any sort of like time limit

or respawn restriction you can die then

just get back up and it involves you

taking down a big boss so it just might

take you a while but this does seem to

be pretty soluble so head into this area

which is actually the Goffin and forge

you just haven't unlocked it yet and

there's going to be a massive servitor

boss you guessed it surrounded by drones

killing him again is just like you do

with the other bosses take down the

jones then put as much damage on him as

possible he's really really tanked

so it's probably going to take you

multiple phases of doing as much damage

as you can she'll jobs respawn take him


do more damage there's also gonna be a

deist amount of ads really pressuring

you as you're doing this but like I said

no responding restrictions no time limit

it seems that you can die as much as you

want you can take as long as you want

but long as you kill this boss you will

progress to the next step and that next

step is going to be to go back to the

tower and talk to Ada one from here

you've almost unlocked the new forge

she's actually going to give you a basic

sniper rifle frame which just like the

machine gun frame that you had to

complete to unlock the volunter Forge

this is the frame you have to complete

to unlock the Goffin and Forge so just

like the machine gun frame you're gonna

have to collect ether compound by

killing fallen easy enough there but

then you have to obtain a weapon core

from one of the protected caches when

the neutralized shields own bosses spawn

in but this time specifically

unnecessary black armory caches you

simply shoot the one shield drone open

the cache and you'll get your weapon

core you don't have to kill the boss now

you simply have to do that on NASA so

head to artifacts edge that's one of the

spawn points for these bosses wait

around for the shield Jones to appear

shoot one and loot the cache you're good

to go after that you're gonna have to

get 25 sniper rifle precision kills and

defeat five powerful enemies if you have

the whisper of the worm and makes this a

lot easier if you don't any powerful

sniper rifle will do and just head to

the Leviathan raid now you don't

actually have to do the raid but the

very beginning portion will have a bunch

of enemies standing still perfect for

shooting with snipers to get precision

shots on and they're also yellow health

so they will account as powerful enemies

shoot all eight of these guys reload the

area shoot the next eight reload shoot

the next eight reload shoot one you're

good to go now the next step is to get

sniper rifle multi kills but you might

as well just keep doing what you're

doing a quick double kill on these

stationary targets will

count as a multi kill and you know one

or two more times of killing his enemies

in reloading this area is going to get

you this step as well now moving on from

there the next and last step is going to

be as usual for these frames collecting

radiant seeds which you can acquire

randomly by killing powerful enemies now

you can just keep doing what you're


reloading the starting area of Leviathan

but a much easier way is that for

whatever reason some named bosses drop

ten radiance seeds at a time it's kind

of weird on which one's doing which ones

don't but one that for sure does is in

the lost sector in the Dreaming city

called aphelion dressed and located

right here head inside

kill the lost sector boss and as you can

see he drops ten exactly ten so run out

of the lost sector run back in kill him

again boom there's your twenty in way

less time than just normally farming

these powerful enemies once you've

completed this step head back to 801 and

she's going to give you the radiant

sniper rifle frame which has only one a

requirement to ignite the Goffin and

forge and that's it if you do complete

all three waves of the gun and Forge you

will get a powerful high light sniper

rifle definitely worth trying to get but

at this point even without doing that

you've unlocked the coffin and forge you

can go to it you can interact with it

you can match make with people and you

can do it the next step is of course

just beating it and so that's how to do

it definitely a lot longer than I

thought it would be but there you have

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