How To Unlock And Reset A TSA007 Luggage Lock

okay guys so today we have a TSA 0:07

lock from a Samsonite luggage and that

will show you how to pick this lock okay

now we have the release button which is

this here and that's also the for the

TSA key we have the three dials we have

the TSA approved symbol and then we have

where the zippers will go so this

release button you usually be able to

slide it towards the dial so as you can

see it has a small arrow over there so

towards the dials and right now I have

this code I'm gonna go ahead and show

you how it would open you see now if you

don't know your code and you can't find

what the code is and you're logged out

of your luggage this is what we're gonna

go ahead and do okay guys so today I

will be using this just to guide us to

what we're gonna do okay and so you have

your three dials and this is where all

of our attention is going to be so we're

gonna be using this so we're just gonna

go ahead and open it okay and now you

can zoom in with your camera if you're

using your phone and if you happen to

see right here there's a silver or a

metal cylinder that's where we're going

to be looking at every tile has it as

you can see it here you see that okay

and this one does as well so we're gonna

be looking for an indentation on that

metal part there some luggage locks will

have that but it will be a plastic so

it's a little bit harder but you will

still be able to see it with your

flashlight or a very underrated lighted

area um so here's what we're gonna do

you see that and that's all we're gonna

be looking at you see it now you see

this right here


see that indentation it's not anywhere

else you'll be able to see that

everything else is fine so when you go

back to that indentation there you see

it you see how it looks it's not shining

it looks like there's a gap there that's

what we're looking for you'll go ahead

and stop at that number should be

aligned now we're gonna go to ahead and

do the same with this one

okay so here it goes I turned on my

flashlight and just so you can see that

you see it it just looks like a metal

cylinder so that's what we're gonna go

ahead oh you see right there there it is

you see shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny

shiny and then you get to that number

there it is I accidentally moved this

okay now we're gonna go to this one as

well we're gonna do the same thing so

you see the shiny there okay so you're

gonna move it and boom there it is okay

so it's that final five five okay so now

now that we have it all set all the

indentations are aligned we're gonna go

ahead and try to open the luggage okay

so it didn't open so if it does not open

this is where we're gonna go ahead and

do you see that I just added one number

we're gonna go ahead and try to open it

okay we're gonna try it to open it does

not open we're gonna go ahead and try it

again again

okay you see and that's your code okay

guys so once you have found your code

the way to reset it will actually be to

push this okay now the reason why I'm

pushing this is because there's no reset

button anywhere else so did you see this

red dot that means that this is also the

reset button so you will push it and you

keep it pressed and then you will change

the code

whichever one you desire okay once you

have your code you'll go ahead and

release it now that will be now your

code if you go back to zero zero zero

which was the initial code it won't open

anymore and it won't open at any other

code okay so it's going to be just at

the code that you have set it to if you

do lose the code you're gonna have to do

the process all over again so make sure

you keep the code safe other than that

that should be all that you need if you

want to reset your code and you already

have a code then you would need to start

with the code that you have do the same

thing change the code whichever one you

like and then release but you have to

start with the code that will open the

lock all the time okay have a great day