How to Unlock the Cycler Rifle in Star Wars Battlefront 2

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okay guys how's it going my name is

Erica and today I wanna welcome you guys

back to another video on the channel now

recently I made a video about how to

unlock the t21 and you guys really

received that video well it really

helped you guys out I think you add from

the response I saw you guys seem to be

really happy with it I thought I'd make

another video on how to unlock the cycle

rifle which is another blast that was

added in the age of rebellion update now

so first of all we're gonna do is from

the home page as you can see when you're

gonna need to head over to the career

section so here not in the Hitler in the

collection so all you'll need to do is

from here we're gonna need to go to the

career section and then from the career

section this we needs to head into the

career section and then into trooper as

you can see on screen just follow what

I'm doing and I've already completed the

circle rifle challenge video be up here

with you come on complete challenges but

I've already completed it as you can see

you have 50 eliminations in car I hope

this video helps you out if it did leave

a like down below and maybe even

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