Mario kart wii unlocking Special Cup

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hey guys it's Nicolas

and today I'm gonna show you how to

look the special cup on Mario Kart Wii

let's go

let's go

so we go there of course I already have

everything about 250 cc

okay I'm sure you'll all be BCC

there's all this

you know look at the cups mushroom cup

Barca Starcom special cup

banana top shelf

so let's go

and we're also than a beat special

and we're gonna lock dry bones I hope so

let's go

yeah we're going like 100 cc

yeah I don't really like the cart so


yeah so we're gonna locks that I've told

you not really gonna play special car

only much drive Oh who's that

we're not really gonna launch of us just

get rid of luck and then I'm gonna

totally video but I'm still gonna do

drive homes even if you because it's

even watch this video leave miss

coconuts of salads foot

I have a Lemmy plus video so if you want

to even his go check that video and hold