This is How I unlocked My Cricket LG Stylo 2 Free To any GSM Carrier

hello everyone in YouTube right stick

and we're back for another video in this

video I want to walk you through the

steps that I have done to have my LG

style 2 for cricket unlocked so that way

I can use in my MetroPCS or AT&T or

t-mobile whatever carrier I want and has

to be the GSM carrier so let's find out

how we can get it done


first let me explain to you the terms

and condition for a cricket to have your

phone be unlocked through a cricket

first you have when you buy the phone

from the date of the activation the

phone has to be active six months or

more so if you have your phone active

through Cricket Wireless more than six

month that means you are eligible to get

your code for free when you call

customer service so what I did I called

customer service for cricket and I have

the phone you have to have the

information for the line your name

applause your pin number and then you

have to have the phone active more than

six months if you do they will provide

you with the code which is I have it on

a piece of paper over here I'm going to

go ahead and put this one to the cricket

I'm going to put difference in card I'm

not gonna use the same SIM card that I

click it has I'm going to do use AT&T

for instance because AT&T doesn't work

we're going to find out after we unlock

the phone if it in T SIM card

it will work or not we will find out so

we're gonna go ahead put the SIM card

and go with the code and see how it


first let me just take the back of the

phone and then remove the battery take

the cricket SIM card it should be nano

so if your phone has nano SIM you have

to have the same size send card so I'm

going to put it int SIM card you can put

MetroPCS anything but cricket because

the cricket is working so you you have

no need to have anything else so when

you go ahead just close the back all the

way and get the phone turned on from the

back this is the style tool and then

when the phone turn on it should give us

the option to add the pin number or the

pin code for unlocking Network which is

I'm going to do it right in front to you

guys so that way we get going to be

together watching this video having the

phone unlocked

this step is very important because that

option doesn't show in your phone unless

if you have a different sim so we're

gonna go ahead and just unlock and use

you you guys can see that the same

network unlock pin attempt you have ten

times to attempt to put after that if

you if you pass the ten times you may do

a factory locked which is gonna be a big

problem for you now let me go ahead once

you push over here should give you a

keyboard so we're going to do it

together to nine for nine eight four one

six five four two zero four three two

seven customerservice give me this

number I'm trying to get it unlocked

you're gonna hit on unlock and wait and

they will tell you the same network

successfully online so this one right

now it's unlocked and you can use it

with any of the GSM carrier I may guess

the phone just made a restart right now

and once they made a restart we should

be able to use this phone with any

carrier or show lights over here yeah so

the phone by itself made a restart

that's gonna restart the phone and see

what's gonna happen the phone just means

the restart there you go unlock the

screen and as you guys can see it shows

bars over here but because this SIM card

is not active I guess that's why it's

not gonna show us any service or

anything like that but you can just go

ahead and have any other service on this

phone has to be GSM either t-mobile

metro pcs and Bobble ultra mobile etc

any of the GSM it should work I wish you

guys find this video very formatted and

you enjoy watching the video as well and

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