How to Unlock Your Inner Creative Genius (And Change Your Life)

look everybody wants to change in their

life you know maybe you want to be a

writer or you want to be a youtuber or

maybe you just want to stop being so

single well there was a book that I read

about six years ago and in this book the

person recommended one daily practice

that I have since done almost without

fail that has led to the biggest changes

in my life now in this video I want to

share exactly what that one philosophy

was that takes one hour per day


hey guys I'm Alex hi and author of the

book master the day now the story is

told by Earl Nightingale an old personal

development speaker and I think this is

from the 1950s where he relates a story

that was told during the Great

Depression and he said that a person was

passing a group of steel workers and the

steel workers were on their lunch break

and this was during the Great Depression

where a lot of people were unemployed

and they were all complaining about life

is so hard I may lose my job and if so I

don't know how to find a job what's

gonna happen if I lose it when I go home

to my wife I mean to my kids and I can't

provide anymore and Earl commented that

these steel workers were only working

really like a nine-to-five essentially

they still had that 5:00 until 9:00 or

till 10:00 or until 11:00 and he was

saying how these people what were they

doing over the last 20 years of their

life in their free time they still had

eight extra hours per day and even if

you dedicate half of that four hours to

your family that still leaves several

hours to improve yourself and in Earl's

words these people could have become

open heart surgeons in the amount of

free time they had over the last decades

and for me the thing he recommended that

the clicked the most was this idea of

dedicating one hour per day to improving

your life or one hour per day to

acquiring a concrete skill that can lead

to a better life for you now in this

video let's talk about specifically what

that can mean and how you can do that

alright so what is one hour a day really

look like when we're not giving a

fitness example so let's say right now

you have a job and it's something you

hate and you want to go into an entirely

different field altogether but since you

didn't go to school for it and since you

don't have experience in that field and

you don't have any skills in that field

how are you supposed to do that well if

you started dedicating one hour per

night after your job you could still

watch Netflix you could still hang out

with whoever you want just dedicate one

hour per day to doing the following over

six months you could end up in a totally

different career in a higher paying job

so let's say right now

maybe you're an accountant and you

realize you want to be a programmer well

the first thing is you have to research

what do programming jobs look like what

require and what are the skills that I

have to have in order to make this a


so the first hour of your day when you

come home either it's the first or

dedicated hour per day you figure out

one hour in your schedule I am going to

research what it takes to get into the

programming industry the second hour per

day after let's say 30 days could be

dedicated to actually talking to people

in that field to see what programming is

like now the biggest approach that I am

a fan of is actually emailing or cold

calling people and saying hey you know

what I'm really passionate about this

I'm interested in this field

do you have five minutes where I could

buy you coffee five minutes for a phone

call and to learn or share with me what

the industry is really like I did this

before coming to Chinese medicine school

I called the 15 acupuncturist and they

gave me advice that was pure gold and

then your one hour per day from then on

could be literally practicing the skill

of coding actually coming home learning

how to code code a website code an app

learn how to change button colors and

buttons and how to click things

basically you're dedicating one hour

ideally to a concrete skill that's gonna

help you live a better life

that skill could just as easily be the

skill of listening to people or going

out and talking to people or working on

personal flaws in your character that

you think are holding you back from

accessing that next level or the one

hour could be the gym or cooking it only

takes an hour a day to actually change

your life now I've personally used this

for all of the above here I've used it

for writing every one of my books there

are now five on Amazon that's like seven

hundred pages written including all the

editing and the revising hiring people

to do all that all of that was in one

hour per day then I dedicated to writing

when I was done hiring an editor and

working with her through all of the

books doing the audio book doing the

Kindle book going into the studios to

record those all in an hour a day it

took an hour a day to also get fit

because if you average out the time that

I spend in the gym and cooking it works

out to about one hour per day seven days

a week and I've also dedicated an hour a

day in my earlier 20s to getting second

jobs so that I could afford to still

travel even if I wasn't making a lot at


so if you think it takes a lot to change

you might be wrong what would happen if

you just dedicated one hour per day as

your daily habit to whatever it is

whatever part of your life is not

working for you is not happening

if you dedicated one hour to improving

that your life could be dramatically

different in as short as 100 days what's

up guys I hope that helps the one hour

day philosophy has made a really big

difference in my life now the best way

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