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yo what is going on guys in this video

tutorial I'm gonna show you how to get

curse hero totally for free so this is

course hero plus plus a modded version

of the app which gives you all the

premium features and gives you unlimited

free unlocks on your account so if you

see here I already have it I can ask

tutors it's gonna say that you have 20

questions always even if you ask

questions to you know people in the app

um to the tutors you're still gonna have

20 of them because that's how the app

works and it gives you all the premium

features so I'm going to show you how to

get this app on your IOS and Android

devices I'm going to start with my

iPhone and then I'm gonna head over to

the Android device to show you how it's

done so the first thing that you need to

do on your iPhone is that you need to