Fallout 4 Terminal Hacking Guide

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mmm terminal hacking

ladies and gentlemen terminal hacking

again and it is exactly the same I'm

going to I'm gonna highlight this I'm

now highlight this and use this as my

terminal hacking guide for fallout 4 all

right select a potential password with a

squad if your chosen password is getting

correct the number of letters that match

the terminals password letter in

position will be displayed on screen

alrighty first word is let's do sure

entry denied likeness equals 1 so it's

one of four so here is how you hack

terminals the likeness equals one

now what that means is there are each of

these words are four characters long now

obviously upper level terminals are

gonna have more like words will have

more letters in them so the probability

will be lower but if the likeness equals

1 that means 1 out of however many are

many letters that are in the word which

is 4 in this particular word is the same

as the word we're looking for ok so like

this equals 1 is 1 of 4 for this

particular instance now as the word

itself changes every time we're gonna

look at the word sure it's su r e that

means one of those four letters is in