How To Remove Password From Windows 8 Computer/ Tablet Tutorial | Window 8 Forgotten Passcode Unlock

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what's up everyone this is Jared tech

until we have a very simple tutorial on

how to delete pass codes for Windows

computers now this is gonna work for

Windows 8 or higher so it's gonna work

for Windows 8.1 and it's gonna work on

any device whether that's a laptop

desktop or even a tablet it's a very

simple procedure so let's get started

if you also have another device that you

do want to remove the passcode from or

you just forgot the password I also have

unlock tutorials on that as well

they're also very easy too and that's

covering the Android Windows Phones in

even iPhones and I also have unlocked

videos for Mac computers as well they're

all links down below in the description

box if you want to check those out the

only downfall with this tutorial is it

will delete everything on your computer

so if you have any important files

unfortunately you are gonna lose them if

you do this but if you backed everything

up on a separate Drive or anything like

that you're gonna be fine now go ahead

and proceed with this tutorial the first

step what do you want to do is turn off

the computer and just click restart and

while you click and restart hold down