Rocket League Ranking System - How does it work? (Ranking up/Promotion) (In Depth Analysis)

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hey guys it's max and today we're going

to be talking about the rocket League

promotion system and a lot of you guys

may be wondering how when am I getting

promoted because you know it doesn't

show when you're going to get promoted

it's very secretive I suppose it just

shows the little symbol and you've been

playing like 10 matches or whatever and

you win every single one of you still

haven't got promoted and you're

wondering why well this video is going

to explain that so basically the way I

figured this out by using a tool called

the rocket league stats comm which is

website obviously and you go to this

website you basically type in your

gamertag and it'll show you all these

neat little stats that on your rocket

League profile and you can do it for

basically anyone you can do it on your

friends gamertag so it's pretty neat you

you don't have to look at just your

gamertag so anyway if you scroll down

and you look at these little stars and

they tell you which division you are in

basically this there will be a little

score and this little score is basically

your rank now through some researching

I've been able to figure out that for