How to bypass "Remote Management" lock screen on iPhone, iPad & iPod - MDM unlock service

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hi guys this is Victor with DIY time

tank and in this video I'm going to show

you how I ran into a problem with a

remote management lock on my iPad and

how I fixed it I purchased this used

iPad on eBay a few years ago and it was

working fine I didn't have any problems

with it and then recently I decided to

sell it and I wanted to reset it to a

factory state and delete all of my data

off of it

and when I did that that's when I've got

this remote management lock screen in

general big companies or corporations

install the software to manage control

or track their devices remotely and many

times when they're done using those

devices they just sell them to someone

else and they often forget to remove or

deactivate this remote management

software to fix the problem I found this

unlock service on ebay which costs less

than three dollars and you can use this

to unlock the remote management lock

screen if you interested I'll post the

link for this service in the description

area below the way it works is you buy

the unlock service and then you're going

to need to provide the serial number of

the iOS device that you would like to