How To Install Profile And Device Management On iOS 14

hello there this is derek again and

welcome back to the channel so in this

video i'm gonna be sharing with you how

you'll be

able to get profile and device

management for

ios 14. i already have ios 13 on this

channel already and a lot of people

are just demanding for the ios 14 so i

want to share with you guys how you'll

be able to do this with ease so first of

all i'm going to show you guys

my settings and you guys are going to

see i have the profile right here for

the ios 14 and i'm going to delete it

and then show you guys how you'll be

able to just get this

on your phone so you see right here so

i'm going to remove it and i'm just

going to type in my password so

and i'll just delete this thing remove

not now and then let's go

so you see right here you see i don't

have the profile right here again i

don't want you guys to

be like i have stuff here let me just

take this one off too because

i don't use that app anymore

okay so i'm going to take this app to

off so you see i have nothing here in

the general i'm going to click on

profile you see i don't have even

profile right here

so i'm just going to get it right there

so i'll be able to install tweaked apps


other applications which are temporary

apps and not in the app stores

on my device so first of all you need to

do is you go to your browser and then

you type in

beta dot apple i'm gonna leave the link

in the description so don't worry about

it so you're gonna type in this

website and then

click on enroll device and then you

scroll down

and then you're gonna see it is right

here but initially it's actually gonna

show you

a page where you would have to sign in

your apple id and password

because i've already signed in this site

so i think that is why it just took me

to this page but it will show you a

proper page where you would have to sign

in your apple id

that is after you visit this website

right here it's going to tell you to

just sign in your apple id which you

have to just do bam mind if you have an

apple id that is easy if you don't have

then you have to create an apple id and

i know if you're in need of

device and perform management then you

already have an iphone or an apple id so

if you don't want to use the ios 14 you

enroll for the beta ios 13 updates by

downloading the ios 13 configuration

profile here

so you click on here then it's going to

take you back about you want to download

the ios

14 so we're going to click on download

profile and then right away we click on


a pop-up is going to come

so we are going to just click on allow

and then close and then we go back to

our settings again and we are going to

see profile right here so you see

profile right here

let me just go back and you guys will

just see so i click on general

and then we go here and then we're going

to see profile right here so we see it

right here

and then we click on install on the

right top corner and i just type in your


you type in your passcode

and then you're good to go so you just

hit on install again install

they're going to tell you to restart

your device right now but i'm not going

to restart it right now i just don't

want to catch this video so

i'm going to click on now and you guys

would see right here you just

have your profile and device management

right here so

with this you can just install third

party apps and you

they will just bring you here and you

just have to verify them and

you are good to go so if you need more

videos like this just give it a thumbs

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share this video to anyone you think is

going to be helpful for them and then

catch you in the next one