How to Unlock a Phone for any network carrier [ 2020 FREE ] (T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T...)


your two-year contract is finally up and

you want to save some money by bringing

your phone to our carrier with lower


sadly odds are that your phone is locked

to your carrier which prevents you using

your phone on another network thankfully

the process of unlocking your phone is

now easier than ever with sim never look

calm more importantly it's free I'm Jess

and in this short tutorial I will

explain how to unlock your phone and use

it with any SIM card to begin you will

need your smartphone IMEI number you can

find it in your phone settings under the

About tab or use the most simple way to

find it open up your phone dialer and

dial star hash zero six hash this code

will show up the IMEI number of your

device once you have this number remove

the SIM card from your phone if you have

it installed and open the sim never lock

on website if you have a Wi-Fi

connection you can do this from the

phone that you are unlocking you can

also unlock your phone from any other

device running on iOS or Android it is

completely wireless and it involves only

the correct IMEI number of the lock

device so let's unlock write down the

needed information on the website and

hit the unlock button the servers will

take some time to do the magic once

you're on the final step you'll have to

complete the verification this is done

by simply downloading and installing a

free app from Google Play Store or the

Apple App Store choose one app and

complete the task make sure you run the

app for about 20 to 30 seconds before

removing it complete this small task and

you should be unlocked by now check if

your phone is unlocked by installing

your SIM card

I have successfully unlocked this phone

thank you for watching our video before

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please make sure you are following the

tutorial correctly or leave a comment

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