How To Enable & Use The 'Community' Tab On Your YouTube Channel In 2020

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guys welcome back to a brand new video

and now in this video we're going to

talk about the community tab that

YouTube has introduced a thing around

2017 and a lot of people have you know a

lot of questions about it also the

requirements have changed quite a bit in

this video we're gonna talk about how to

get the community tab everything like

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alright guys so at the end of 2017

YouTube has replaced let me think which

have it was I think it was like the

discussions tab at the end of 2017 and

YouTube put in the community tab right

there where you can post questions gifts

images polls to your subscribers

sub-blocks on their phone and recently

also on their desktop now I'm a made

that video the requirements were pretty

simple the minimum requirement you

needed for when it comes to subscribers

was 10,000 and I don't really think you

had to be YouTube's partner or anything

like that so earlier today when I was

looking for a topic for today's video I