How to make comments in Adobe Acrobat Reader

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okay so first of all i'm going to open

up the comments bar

and the first option i have is to add a


note so if i just click somewhere inside

the document

i can then type in a note and post it

then hover over the note and see what

you wrote

and i can also click on the note and

move it to a different place if i want

to then another way of adding in

a note is to right click and select

add sticky note and

then you don't actually have to post the


you can just click off of it and it will

still be there

then if you don't have the comments bar


and you add a sticky note it will

pop up looking like this

then another way of adding a note is to

use the keyboard

shortcut ctrl 6

and you will also end up with a note

like that

then if i right click and select


i can change the way the note looks