How to unlock a combination lock (no paper, no pens, no aluminum)

hey what's going on YouTube it's mark

gray Jack here I wanted to make this

video because I just spent the last half

an hour so trying to figure out how to

open this lock the only number I had on

the back here was 15 but even if you

don't have any of the numbers this video

should still be helpful for you okay so

basically basically what you want to do

is you want to obviously reset your lock

and how you do that is just spin it to

the right a bunch of times I think it

asks you twice but I usually do three

times and if you're not sure just do one

more okay so what you want to do is

first thing I wanna do is push up on the

on on the lock here right oh by the way

I don't know what what brand this is but

right here says hardened as in hardened

material I have no idea what the brand

is but yeah so push up on the on the on

the lock right here okay

I don't want to push too hard but just

push firmly

okay now you when you start turning it

to the right you're gonna feel it's

gonna go really slow okay and eventually

it's gonna pick up in speed it's gonna

kind of like release itself now now

starting to release itself it's kind of

like let itself go and now it's like you

can't even move anymore like he gets

stuck like right here right right about

here right at 24 okay now what you wanna

do is keep pushing up on the walk and

just turn the other way okay you want to

go past your prettier number that you

just got which in my case was 24

okay past 24 you go slow as you want I'm

just gonna go slow for you guys okay now

it's going to start to it's starting to

get hard again to turn it so keep going

is starting to release itself and 30 30

36 is like right where it stops okay

that's your second number that's just

that's my second number right there and

when you get to the number or when you

think you got to the number push really

hard on the lock and it should be like

pretty much impossible to like get it

going well I just went a little bit see

if we can do this now is just push there

you go

so I for the third number you don't even

have to you didn't have to like push up

on the lock probably have to do is just

well I guess you do have to push up on a

lock because you know that's your last

number and then it's good just gonna

kind of like go for you right just one

more time to show you okay so reset it

alright we set it push up right turns

it's hard to charge hard to charge hard

to turn really hard to turn hard to turn

hard to turn and kind of so you hear a

click almost like it kind of stops like

right there okay I can't I can't it's

hard it's really hard for me to turn it

anymore like I can't like I can't

pushing up like firmly like I can't turn

it anymore so that's my first number

right turn turn turn turn turn go past

your first number if it helps if it ever

never stops for you you always want to

make sure that you go past your second

number or your first number when you're

going on that on that second turn when

you're looking for your second number so

if it does stop for you or whatever just

you know you can just release here

release this the the lock here get to

your second number which in my case is

24 and then push up here again and then

keep turning keep turning keep turning

keep turning turn turn turn turn turn

turn turn and stop it stops like right

here right on 36 I can't go anymore it's

really hard I can go if I push if i turn

really hard obviously it's gonna it's

gonna go but you want to push as hard as

you can when you think you're getting to

your number one push as hard as you can

and then just you know it I can't turn

it anymore okay so that's my that's my

second number and then you obviously you

know push up here so you can find your

when you find your third number it's

gonna unlock for you okay so in my case

found it out it

is 20 24 36 and 15 so I'll hope that

helps for you guys it does hit the like

button below and also scratch my channel

as I will be releasing more videos in

the future peace out guys have a great