How to Open a 3-Dial Combination Lock Case in 6 Minutes or Less

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hi i'm ryan from cannibal musical

instruments i want to show you how in

six minutes or less to get into a case

that's been locked for the combination

that you don't know just a brief

overview this is our clarinet our

professional clarinet case it's similar

to a lot of briefcases in that it has

this three digit tumbler lock on each of

two different latches briefly this is

how they work you said it the

combination this one set to zero zero

zero pull it out on the lock the latch

opens and in the case if you want to

change the combination you push in on it

set it force first set it to your

combination push in on the on the button

and set it to whatever you want say

double-oh-seven is your new combination

let go it'll open to that and then set

it to any other number and you can't

open it now the scenario is your kid's

been playing with this he's accidentally

set the numbers to something different

you have no idea what it is and you need

to get into your case so what you need

to do is there there are a thousand

different possible combinations honestly

the easiest way to do it is not removing

hardware not hack sawing anything you