How To Unlock Cable Bike Lock Without Combination

If you guys watch my videos, you know I love mechanical stuff. I love taking

things apart putting back together fixing things

just figuring out things work. I've always had a fascination with locks and opening


and so when I bought this bike

this cable lock came on one of the bikes I bought

so anyway I was gonna go ahead, I gotta figure out how to

open it.

You know just I could have cut off with a bolt cutter or whatever

but no I gotta figure out how to get it off there

I could have tried just rotating these dials until I came up with the right combination through brute force

but I am going to show you an easier way

One thing I have already done is I've already sprayed the dials down with WD-40 so that they're moving

nice a smoothly. They were a little bit stiff to begin with

and having them move we definitely helps

opening like this. The cable comes out this way

so what I going to do is I'm gonna go ahead and pull the cable out

push it it with my thumb here so I'mm pulling the cable out

now one of these dials should have a little more resistance than the other

three dials and it's this first dial

so what I am going to do is I am going to go ahead and just rotate this around until it almost

falls into like a hole like it kinda catches

and right there it seemed to catch, seem to fall right there

so now I'm going to find one of these other dials should have

more resistance and it's a second dial. They might might

not necessarily be in order. So it could be the first one then the third one or the fourth

one then the second one

but right now it's the second one. SO am going to rotate this around

until seems to a fall into a hole and right there seem to fall on a hole

so now if I got it, one of these other dials

should be a little stiffer and its this dial here the third dial so I am going to go


rotate that and it seemed to fall in a hole right

there. So hopefully that's it. So now

and there's resistance now on this first dial, so now I am going to go ahead

rotate this first dial. haha and right there!

So I got that. And let me see.

And right there's the combination 7598

and that's how you open one is combination locks