FREE Color Palettes - When & How to get them

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hello everyone my name is Squad and this

is just a short video that will tell you

which color palettes you can get in

Warframe without needing any platinum

sadly most of these color palettes are

locked behind the vents throughout the

whole year so it will kind of be forced

to buy at least something from the

market to look good if you want to look

good right away but as I said we won't

be looking at any color palettes that

are buyable with plot I will start with

the start of the Year event three color

palettes and then go towards the end of

the year there might also be new

non-platinum color palettes that come

along that are completely new so that

might also be great but don't count on

that the video is divided into sections

so you can see which color palette you

can get at which time of year so let's