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if not it's your lucky day in this video

i'll be unlocking all of them

i will show you what they look like and

how you can get them too

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let's start with the video

chapter 2 season 4 has been out for

almost 2 weeks

and so far i am really liking the new

season but next to the great content

epic is heading there's always

one problem being xp leveling up and

gaining xp is one of the biggest

struggles every single season however

leveling up in fortnite became more

important than ever

not only will you unlock a total of 100

battle pass items

but you also unlock secret foil edit

styles for all your battle pass skins

and not to forget about all the inbuilt

emotes that you can unlock

through completing all the awakening

challenges but unlocking all of this

will take you

forever after reaching level 100 you can

start on unlocking all the foil skin


every single battle pass skin has a

total of three foil styles

them being a silver foil style a gold

foil style

and a holo foil style to view them click

on the battle pass and select the foil

styles tab and as you can see you will

unlock a new style for every 5 levels

you go up

so with this season having a total of 8

battle pass skins

that means you'll unlock all the silver

styles by level 140

all the gold styles by level 180 and all

the holo styles by level

220 and this is what it will look like

after unlocking a new style now what if

i tell you that today my game glitched

out and it somehow gave me each and

every single full style within my locker

so right now i can actually showcase

all the edit styles to you they were

fully visible inside

of my locker so let me show you all of

them real quick

first off we have the thor skin silver

unlocks at level 100 and five

gold unlocks at level 145

and holo unlocks at level 185

and best of all you can even combine his

blue edit style with the foil styles

from there we have the jennifer walter

skin silver unlocks at level 100

and then

gold unlocks at level 150

and holo unlocks at level 190

and once again these can even be used on

their she-hulk at its stall

next up we have the groot skin silver


level 150

gold unlocks a level 150

and holo unlocks at level 195

moving on to the storm skin her silver

unlocks at level 120

gold at level 160

and holo at level 200.

from there we have dr doom his silver

unlocks at level 125

gold at level 165


and holo at level 205 and here is what

they all

will look like

then of course we have mystique and for

this skin silver unlocks at level 100

and 30.

gold unlocks at level 170

and holo unlocks at level 210

from there we have the tier 1 earth skin

known as tony stark

and for him the silver style unlocks at

level 135

the gold style at level 100 and 75

and the holo style at level 200 and 15.

and of course they can be used on this

iron man edit style 2.

definitely one of my favorites and last

but not least we have this season's

secret skin being wolverine for him

silver unlocks at level 140

gold unlocks at level 100 and 80

and holo will unlock at level 200 and


now next week we will receive our first

ever update

of this season or better known as patch

v14.10 this will include

a bunch of new content first and

foremost we will finally be able to

complete our fishing book

here is what it will look like when

catching every single fish

and as you can see from my fishing book

there's only one fish missing

being fish number one this is either the

vendetta fish

or the midas fish if you don't know what

i'm talking about

these fish are from legendary rarity and

will be extremely hard to catch

after consuming the vendetta flopper

it'll mark a nearby enemy and

after consuming the midas float bar

it'll turn all your inventory items to a

legendary rarity

and here is what they both look like

anyways with the new update they will be

added to the loot pool

meaning you will finally be able to

catch them and add them to your fishing


also we will be receiving a ton of map

changes throughout the next few weeks

one of them being the authority changing

into an iron man poi

within the official trailer this scene

was spotted

and it looks quite a lot like the

authority as if iron man took it over

there are even files of iron man themed

chests this

normal looking chest as well as this

vault chest

making an iron man boss with mythic

weapons and the vault key card

very likely leakers are even able to

find an iron man themed whiplash

looking like this and honestly it looks

really sick

this car was even spotted in the exact

same scene from the trailer and fun fact

it has a top speed of 120

while a normal whiplash only has a top

speed of 90.

so it's way faster also at the spawn

ship we can find

a working vault however to this day it's

still unknown where to find

its key card there are files that

suggest a nick 3 boss coming to this

heli carrier

as his eye patch was found within the

game files

there's even the secret achievement that

you will unlock for eliminating an

opponent after pulling them with a

harpoon gun

it is named tweep and that's the icon of


hinting at a possible spider-man skin

coming to the game at

even confirmed this 2 on the chapter 2

season 4 article that can be found

on their official website it even reads

more skins will be arriving later this


so be on the lookout for a spider-man

skin also we might be getting a new edit

style for fish dig when taking a look at

the carrying the team loading screen

that you will unlock at tier 27 of the

battle pass

you can see this princess style for fish

take as well as this thermal fish skin

and when looking at the storm flight

loading screen at tier 56

of the battle pass this princess

fishlegs skin can be seen

once again also did you know galactus

is still not here he is still making his

way to the fortnite map

when hopping in game and taking a look

at the sky at around 270

degrees you can spot this orange shining


this is galactus moving towards the

fortnite island at high speed

and this star is becoming bigger and

brighter by the day

also when viewing the challenges stable

a question mark location

can be seen just south of caddy corner

and east of misty meadows

this means a new boi will be arriving

later this season

also with tony stark turning on all the

rift beacons and activating a new sphere

event is going to bring back

all chapter 1 map locations all of this

can be found

at this white board located at his own

stark workshop

anyways leakers are able to find out

about 4 locations returning or getting

replaced with current ones

loot lake will be replaced with this

island till the towers will be replaced

with lazy lake

greasy grove will be replaced with holy

hedges and anarchy acres with frenzy


and fun fact over at frenzy farm the


are almost ready and last but not least

we have the samurai scrapper back

this will be another save the world

bundle with its skin being usable within

battle royale too

so to get this stay on the lookout at

the safety world item shop

anyways here is what the skin with its

two styles is going to look like within

your locker pretty cool

in my opinion talking about wolverine

here's what the skin will look like

in game in the lobby as well as in your

locker as you can see his description

reads he's the best there is and what he


the skin even comes with two selectable


then being the default style as well as

the classic

wolverine style and next to the skin

will also unlock a bunch of other

wolverine themed rewards

them being the berserker barrage spray

the adamantium

loading screen wolverines trophy back

bling the ferocious rap

the wolverine style for the mcg glider

the weapon x

emoji gun this wolverine themed banner

as well as the build-in

sneaked emote and as you can see after

completing the awakening challenges you

can use

wolverines close as a pickaxe to unlock

the skin as well as all of these other

rewards need to complete

all the wolverine challenges for the

next 6 weeks

every thursday we will unlock a new

wolverine challenge

and just to clarify we will unlock

wolverine on the 1st

of october anyways the week 1 challenge

for wolverine has

actually been released already it is

investigate mysterious claw marks

and you have to investigate a total of

three of them by the way they can all be


at weeping woods the first one can be

found right over here at this green rv

the second one can be found over at this

stone next to the pond

and the third one can be found when

entering this building full of toilets

right over here on the door itself and

upon completing this challenge you will


this spray right over here from there we

have challenge

number two being find the loading stream

picture at a quinjet

petrol site so make your way over to any

of the four

random quinjet locations enter the jet


right here is where you can find this

loading screen so just walk up to it

hold the button to search it and it will

be yours

now all the other challenges have been

leaked already too

for week 3 we have find the sentinel hat

and dirty dogs

for week 4 we have power up sentinel

chest piece

for week 5 we have locate a muted

containment truck

and for week 6 we have defeat wolverine

and this challenge makes a wolverine


very likely