10-Second Trick to Unlock Your Brain's Secret Mode

so did you know you only use 10

of your brain well sorry that's not true

people use almost 100 of it almost all

the time

so what's holding you back why can't we

learn languages faster

multiply big numbers in our head or

understand quantum physics

maybe because of all of the limitations

we humans put on ourselves

have you ever said yourself i'm not

smart enough to solve that math problem

or i'm not good enough to get into that


as soon as you say those kinds of things

you're programming yourself to fail

every single one of us is capable of

doing anything

we set our mind to in 1954

roger bannister was the first person

ever to run a mile in less than four


for centuries before that everyone

thought it was impossible

people said your heart would explode if

you ran that fast

but banister did it barely in three

minutes and 59 seconds

just two months later another athlete

did it too

one and a half seconds faster the latest

record stands at three minutes 43


17 seconds faster than we ever imagined

was possible

a lot of your limitations are in your


you don't really know what you're

capable of your brain

is like a super computer it does what


tell it to do don't forget to give it

inspiring commands

that's what athletes ceos and brain

surgeons do

every day have you ever been so

interested in something

that you lost track of time didn't check

your cell didn't feel the need to eat

sleep breathe hours passed but you

didn't notice

you were just so into what you were


it happens to me when i'm practicing

music it's not a very common state

but it probably happened to you at least

once in your life

let's get real it feels perfect

imagine if you could live in this state

most of the time

with breaks to eat and sleep of course

humans still need to meet their basic

survival needs

but imagine if you could be in this

state every time you study

work do your favorite hobby you'd be the

world's most productive person

you could probably graduate high school

at 14 and become a ceo before your 20th


you could have already written a handful

of novels by now

it's not science fiction your mind

really does have the power to be

extremely productive and

creative and it turns out you can

actually turn this skill on

in your brain all by yourself

the psychologist who discovered it was a

curious guy

why do some people like artists keep

creating masterpieces

even if it doesn't bring them money or

fame their art still makes them feel


and they don't want to find another more

profitable profession

the psychologist wanted to interview

these people finally a composer told

them that when he writes music

he falls into a mental state where he

doesn't want anything

else in the world just doing his thing

gives him so much fulfillment

that he doesn't need any reward money

applause you name it

other people describe the same exact

phenomenon the psychologist called it

flow here's what it feels like

you're completely immersed in what

you're doing you're so

focused on it you don't get distracted

by anything

you're one hundred percent excited by

what you're doing

the reason behind it is actually pretty

simple the human brain can only perceive

110 bits of information per second for


listening to a person talking takes up

about 60 bits

that's why it's almost impossible to

listen to two people

talking about two totally different

things at the exact time

but what you can do is listen to someone

and do something easy like listen to


check your cell phone answer text play

with your hair

or even just think about the weather

when you reach flow

the activity you're doing takes up all

110 bits of attention

so you have nothing left over to spend

on any other activities

the world around you just seems to

disappear you don't even pay

attention to your basic needs like

eating or sleeping

above all you feel confident no doubts

at all

you can do it whatever it is you know

you can

plus the more you do it the more

inspiration you get

you lose track of time hours go by

but you don't even notice and you

definitely don't feel tired

when you're reading a book the words

come alive

when you're playing music it's like you

can hear your instrument

talking to you when you're running it's

as if the whole world around you

is in surround sound hd well that does

sound great

but how do you activate it it all

depends on two things

the first one is how much of a challenge

you feel

the other ones your skill set depending

on the level of each factor

you're going to exist in a different

state let's say

you're doing some second grade math

homework okay you're not einstein but

you have some math skills

the homework is too easy and isn't a

challenge at all

so you get bored now imagine you just

got a new job

you have some skills but your boss gives

you an impossible task on your first day

this time the challenge is too big so

you start to feel anxious

flow is somewhere in between it's a

world where you have a lot of skills

but also a lot of challenges the work's


but you have confidence in your skills

here are the steps you should take to

get into your very own

flow state pick the right time think

about the time when you're usually most


maybe early morning middle of the day


way past midnight it's different for


are you exhausted sad stressed angry or


if you are it's not going to work make

sure you're loaded with energy and

feeling good

if you're not you'll just keep getting


put your phone away turn off the tv and

close the door

if you can get distracted glancing at a

cute kitty pic your friend sent you

it can take you about 25 minutes to

completely forget about it

and concentrate back on your task mute

your phone and clean your desk

so you don't get the urge to do it later

grab all the stuff you're going to need

so you don't have to get up and disrupt

your flow

now pick out what you're actually gonna


remember to get into the flow you should

be doing something that you're very

skilled at

something that gives you a challenge but

sorry people

you can't achieve flow in every activity

it's got to be something you're already

really really good at scientists now

think we need ten thousand hours of


to become truly amazing at something

that's three hours a day every day

for just over nine years pick something


something that gives you the chance to

grow if you pick something way too easy

you'll get bored right away but don't

overdo it

if the task is too hard for you you

won't reach

that sweet flow come up with a specific


this helps you focus your mind and stops

you from spacing out

it can be writing a story finishing a

painting coming up with a business plan


just make sure you know what the goal is

when you're ready you can start working

but it's not going to happen right away

it's like a sport you need to warm up a

bit first

it usually takes about 15 minutes of

solid focus

to get into a flow state and don't be

sad if it doesn't happen the first time

just keep trying it as often as possible

it's the most productive thing you'll

ever be and maybe even the most

happy it's very possible that we humans

came up with our best ideas

while being in full flow mode that's

when composers dreamt up their best


writers wrote their best novels and

sportswomen set world records